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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

When massy don't feel like going to work

Becoz there's no internet connection at work *sigh.

=_=" I woke up at 5:30am just to blog hop. How sick is that?

I roughly had 8 hours of sleep. OMG, even if I get to go to work, I'll be playing my DS again, coz work requires internet. GG

If you don't see me by 10am, means I'm playing Space Invaders on DS again. Hahahahha ogie more like my internet at work still dead *sigh.

O.O *kasi besar mata.


  1. Blog hopping at 5:30am? Brings a new meaning to the word "Sahuh". You sahuh blogger you... :-P

  2. .. I don't feel like going to work too.. everyday.

  3. Wow.. No internet No Work? punya best!!

  4. haha...siok juga xpyh keja, but no internet connection?duh!boring woo...

  5. Wow, waking up to blog at 5.30am? And I thot I was a blog addict. You take the cake la Maslight! LOL!

  6. Dan: hahahaha it'll be earlier for sahur..say like 3am? XD

    Kay: OMG, I still got 2 weeks annual leave to waste @_@

    JoJ: go work no work mar XD

    Marmalade: yah!!! boring no mo pingsan sudah di opis

    Nick: hahahahahahaha u addict! I'm not addicted, I just need some time for blog hopping XD *indenial

  7. wahh...sounds like a nice job!

  8. You freak! Are you sure you don't own that company you work at? :D

    I miss you much.

  9. perry: lol...oh boring man...unless u haf internet at work it's fun XD

    compy: XD hahahaha but u love me *hugs..T_T woo woo...i miss i dun own dat company..XD

  10. yaloh!!! internat macam sial!!!

    wait... u get to play DS time kerja?

    ... ... ...

    massy i hate u.


  11. sotong: how could u? but everyone loves me hahahahahhaha XD

  12. wow 5.30 am.. hahaha sounds like me but i'm an IRC addict hahahahah or internet freak @ geek..but your job sounds cool ... no internet, no work... haha

  13. hey aj, i can't survive without internet, boring man without internet @_@

  14. ermmmm...busy time 4 tomolo and this friday...uhukkkssss

  15. XD I'm freeeeeeeeee XD