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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

When the sun decided to shine and it burns >.<"""

After I posted this, I just realized I don't have a title.

It's been really really hot and sunny lately @_@ I felt like grilled "human" everytime I walk from my car to my office.

The initial idea was to blog about the camwhoring session we (me, dori, IRT, cubex and dias) at Mode Cafe the other that but I couldn't blog about it since I haven't got the photos from dori yet. I'll try to get it by Friday, hopefully. XD Massy taking advantage trying out the 450D. *giggles. Ogie more like dori's way of "poisoning" me with it. EBIL EBIL dori.

I went to Citymall yesterday to leech some photos I took with dori's new 450D DSLR but we couldn't find a lappy to transfer the photos. So, instead, we went to Ananas to hang out for awhile.

Took some shot at Ananas. With dori's camera. But hey peeps, I guess you guys have to just look at the ones I took with my camera instead first. While I got the photos from dori. Hehe.

We dropped by Mars for awhile and Uncle decided to try the Nintendo Wii. We're suppose to "poison" him with it. Here's a video I took of em playing Wii Sports, I mean tennis XD

We went to Eddie's D'Corner for mix grill after intense decision making. Enjoy. Wii!!! XD

Uh oh, I still got Susan's (osindak) tag to do. *thinks


  1. Iyabah, the weather is such a killer lately!

  2. rozie: yeah..sometimes i had to turn on my aircond ni..

    kipas pun inda dapat tolong @_@

  3. rainer is your uncle? lolol

  4. elfie:'s a habit..i called him uncle since the irc zaman batu days *rofl... XD

  5. Woohoo, it rained almost all afternoon here after 3 hot weeks and it's such a cool night that I should be snugged up in bed instead of blogging ... hehehe ...

  6. nick: *whacks! we need more rain here!!!! I demand rain! >.<""" I end up sleeping early today becoz of no rain *cries

  7. W T F IS THIS!!!! i've just seen it oh my god. kena frame again

    fie : i call mastura aunty she calls me uncle.

  8. uncle: wakkakakakaka..jan ko tipu sana...u yang ask me take vid XP