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Sunday, March 22, 2009

DnD at ButterBliz

First of all, I have to apologize. My blog somehow will every now and then be about fewd *rofl.

Next, before I start with my other related post. I'd say my bro is creative and lowmantic! XD He made this colorful longcat for his gf. How cute. Well exclude the "cacat" sewing techniques. I'd say it's gewd effort. Applaud! *double thumbs up!

I didn't take photo of the actual item but, I took a shot of him putting it on his head *rofl.

This whole sewing thing took him few days to complete. With some sleepless nites. So, that's why he's been missing from being online at nite huh? *rofl. Oh yeah, notice that blue round thing on his head? That's the cat's head. Those felts/fleece? cost RM15 (3 colors for RM5 from Daiso actually).


I had my 2nd session of DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) at ButterBliz yesterday (Saturday) from 3pm to 6pm. Or so I think it ended that time. I went there around 1pm, reached 30 mins later or so for lunch. Yesterday's menu was, Lasagna.

Check out my rave, here.

I was surprise that I'd finish it eventhough I had Fish Mee and Foo Chuk (at Kedai Kopi Janggut, Hilltop) in the morning after my morning jog. Talking about having my appetite huh?

This bowl of fish mee cost RM6.50. It's even tastier with the chili and soy sauce. My bro finished it all! Can you believe it. It's like when you add the chili you'd go crazy hehe. Well to me that is.

Oh not forgetting, I was tempted with the Bolo Toast. No!!!! Last 2. I didn't get to try it yesterday. But good news is, it'll be available today! For RM5++ served with mashed potatoes! Check what's Bolo Toast, here.

Uh oh, and there's a new pie available! Peach PIE! OMG! I'm yet to try it though. Hey sorry, I have 2 banana muffin with me that time. And I don't wanna stuff myself that day.

Anyways, back to the session.

The DM tweeked my necromancer and gave me new powers. So called "balance". I was annoyed with the noise as we're about to start the game. Noise coming from *sigh. I better not say who. You guys know who la. Even we asked them to shut up. DM skipped the dialogue. Urgh! =_=" I couldn't hear a thing even I was sitting next to him. WTH man. urgh~ Yes the noise was that loud.

I only realize that we've reach the location. *sigh.

Anyways, I'm unfamiliar with my skills when I first got it. Hence, it left me confused and frustrated. The noise was the focus killer. I was too tense with it hence, got to me, which lead to the major headache last nite. As the game progress, I slowly get how my minions actually work. Neato. Thanks DM / panja. Eventhough, you make my necro damn weak! XP

Being the only female player in my group, The Talon Company. With "hamsap" Paladin and "hamsap" party leader Cleric. I'm pretty fine with it. And NO! my chain spirit is not a spider!!! *blames the DM.

Overall it was fun! Exclude the headache.

Here's some shots I took from the session. Oh yeah, and my bro help took some of these shots. He needs a camera, seriously. *giggles.


*points to the necro at the right.

Emixora: (necro): "A little help here ppl!!!! "
Everyone else: "nahh, she can handle herself"
Emixora (necro): orz~

Other photos, here.

1st Group's session today at 11:30am.

I'd skip dinner becoz of the headache last nite. It's the earliest I went to sleep EVER! *sigh~ It felt like my head was shot and blow up into pieces. No I'm not relating this to killing zombies.

So before I end my post. I wanted to say that, the sunset last Friday was beautiful! So beautiful that I'd took photo of it when I was driving home from 1 Borneo. I'd stop but it was getting dark and I was alone. So, I rather not stop. Not my usual style of taking photos but yeah. Have fun!

Oh yeah, I manage to watch American Idol for this week's session yesterday. OMG I'm so in love with Kris Allen's voice! I mean him singing Garth Brooks's To Make You Feel My Love is so, OMG *drool! It's perfect for my ears. It was indeed a great performance by all the contestants. I'm not gonna diss any contenstants this time around. Eventhough some of them gave me a bland impression. Adam Lambert = Confusing hahahaha. I was speechless with his interpretation of Ring of Fire. I mean the music arrangement is kewl and all, but it's not country but it's his style so yeah. Can't wait till next week's session!

Oh, a friend of mine, Tomu intro me this kewl song from Bat for Lashes called Daniel. I've been repeating it since I got it. Well apart from the other songs like Kourin - Aishiteru (from Natsume Yuujinchou's anime) and Rufus Wainwright's Bewitched.

Here's the vid.

Last but not least.



  1. Is your friend Sotong the only friend you referred as Sotong kah Massy? If yes, I think mcm baru ja you blog about his his bday again? My, so fast the time flies.

  2. chegu: yes, i'm referring julian lee hng as sotong XD kekekekekke...

  3. Eh, don apologize for posting about food ba. Sia suka coz I need to know where the great food are back home :D

    Sweet la your bro to do dat for his gf. Inda kisah the sweing cacat and all, but the effort he put into the sewing kan... susa mo cari guys like dat these days.

    The blue round thing on his head looks more like a fish than a cat to me... hehe

  4. Nessa: thanks. AHAHAHHAHAHA, yeah funny when he describe the way he cut it, he didn't measure, he just cut the shape he wanted and sew it XD oh man, sakit perut ketawa when he told us

  5. What do you mean every now and then? It's always about food that I'm always hungry after coming to your blog ... LOL!

  6. Nick: Hey it's not always. XD kekekekekek hey isn't that gewd, I mean got appetite bah XD *rofl

  7. is it sotong your boyfriend massy???

  8. Aj: HAR?! wadda. Nolah..he's fara's (bobidom) bf.

  9. well.. this blog is good to see the best eating places in sabah..

    not like i'd be there always.. but nice lor.. to know where to spend the best times at.. =p =p tak buang mase laa...

  10. Jard: thanks, u're great! XD