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Monday, March 02, 2009


I've finally completed my DS Cover. I mean the bottom part. Yesth! I used the skull button. It's so cute. And I love it! Thanks for everyone's nice comment about my DS cover. I'm happy!

My next project kekeke, you guys need to wait. Yesth! I'm inspired to make it but lets just see whether I'm hardworking or lazy this week. *giggles. I need to remeasure the curtain again. I wonder if they still have those retro designs cloths that I saw last year hehe.

I finally got my salary today. *sigh I hope there won't be any delay this month. It's straining my income.

Today I went to have lunch with Clay and my bro at 6th floor, Wisma Merdeka. Sorry Nick, we finish our meals earlier and couldn't wait for you. Next time we go eat Kon Lou Mee! Uh oh! I should have tried this earlier! It's so tasty!!!! I love it!

It cost RM5 btw. This is the place where I had ngiu chap weeks ago. I blogged about it, here (in January).

It's this place called Mee & Cake House. I've raved about Ngiu Chap and Kon Lou Mee, here.

I got a little hungry during tea time. Lucky I didn't bought cupcakes. I'd love some though.

I went for a jog. Manage to walk 3 laps and run 1 lap. *faints. Oh I feel em fats.

Went to Giant Kolombong afterward, I actually wanted to get the other similar skirt I bought the last time, but it wasn't there *cries. Instead, I went to get 2 big bottles of mineral water. Don't ask me why. Lately I've been drinking lotsa mineral water. Hmm weird, I know.

Decided to have dinner there (at the food court) since it'd be kinda late for dinner if we went home that time.

Stall no. 3 from left.

I had Pan Mee Soup for RM4.50 which is gewd.

And my sis had Kon Lou Mee for RM4.80. Didn't know it comes with the bowl of soup.

But, the sauce taste like Indo Mee. Yes! I'm gonna mention it again! BWAHAHAHHA. But you know what, lotsa people order from this stall. I wanna try the other dish too. Maybe next time. They have sizzling rice/yee mee too. Which look kinda delicious. And fried rice etc etc. Must stop thinking about fewd.

Oh yeah, I'm yet to try the Mushroom Pie from ButterBliz. I wonder when I can go. Hmm. *thinks.

Till then, happy eating everyone *giggles.

And I almost forgot to mention. There's gonna be a Japanese Cultural Week at UMS this month on the 14th March 2009. More info, here. Kota Kinabalu Cosplay Club (KKCC) members will be there to perform anime dance. I hope I got that info correctly. *giggles.

Check here, instead.

And gewd nite XD


  1. y lah, everytime i read ur blog wic got fewd make me hungwy :(

    it's still 8:18 am!!!! *tahan hati, dun lapar dulu* the pan mee soup looks sedap owh!nyuuumyyy*

    its @ Giant Kolombong kah dat?

  2. amy c: yesth! lapar ko? *giggles...uh pan mee yes di kolombong, sedap.

  3. waa.. aku baru nak diet.. guess i have to cancel it tho.. becoz tibe2 rase lapar plak.. huhu..

    ps: ko tgh rajin kan?? hee. buat la utk aku..

  4. Jard: LOL XD buat apa? cover? ko mo cover untuk apa? XD

  5. hmm.. nnt ko buat dulu.. then aku carik pe benda yg leh muat.. utk dicoverkan.. haha..

  6. Jard: oooo suka ati aku kah *rofl. bah nanti aku pikir pikir dulu apa mo buat kekekeke.. XD any particular color u like ka? XD

  7. Waah.. ada 'keras tangan' corner here pulak! Syabas! err... Bila lagi ada kelas masak memasak pulak.. heh! heh!

  8. shark: apa tu "keras tangan"? XD kakakakkakaka kuyak~ i think i know wut u mean hahahahha XD

  9. Wah so cantik oh! Make one for me too? Kekekekeke :P

  10. Rozie: XD kalau aku free XD I'll try to make some XD

  11. cute jg kon lau mee dia..apa tu yg kuning2 mcm keropok?hehe..
    u knw wat, i love ol d fooddddd..
    God i'm hungry ody..duh

  12. Yang kuning tu fried wantan XD

  13. !^%$#@^(*!^_(^!(&)

    Stewpid Bank Queue macam sial...

    Never go to Banks during weekday lunch hours!

    Oooohh my ngiu chap...DX

  14. LOL nick we'll go when u're not queueing at the bank XD