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Monday, March 09, 2009

The Weekend

Here I planned to talk about jeans and I couldn't seem to.

But instead, I'm gonna talk about my weekend.

But before that, I'm gonna say that

I GOT MY YUNA EP!!!!! Autographed! Woo hoo!

Been listening to it since I got it. I'm ecstatic. I love love love "After Midnight".

If you wanna get a copy, go to her myspace, here. Order details there. It cost RM18+RM5 shipping (Pos Express).

I stayed home for my previous 2 weekend. Which was fun. For me that is. I get to have a peaceful weekend.

This week on the other hand. *recalls, oh gawd. I can't remember what I did on Saturday hahahahah *rofl. *thinks harder. *blank~ oh well, lets go to Sunday (yesterday) instead. Thank gawd it's a holiday today.

My friend got married. Congrats!~ Sorry I couldn't go. It was so last minute. I had plans.

Anyways, I had my 1st DnD (Dungeons & Dragons) session yesterday. 4th Edition to be exact. It was fun! I'm an Eladrin Necromancer and have 3 skeleton minions kekekekek. Thanks to panja.

The DM (uhhh~ I'm scared, NOT XP).

The players

One of my friend, rob (acing) did a sketch of our characters.

I am Emixora. Rizal said my character's name sounded like p0rn. =_=" and he keeps picturing my minions in bikini. Perverted Paladin! *smacks. Our cleric is crazy. *roll eyes at demented duck.

Hmm, *thumbs for the sketch but it doesn't look like what I had in mind. I should look more zombified and I don't have an owl. I have skeletons XD kekekek.

Overall it was fun! *giggles. Killed some orcs and *cough cough, I got myself souvenirs! Frozen head. Well I want em skulls ogie! And no, I'm not like that dwarf. He takes everything while I'm being selective XD

I pretty much didn't remember much of what actually happen. I should try and sleep early next time. But I know there's some EPIC moments and it's uber fun. Too bad for acing, he had other stuff to do then so he missed out on playing. Jack substitute him. XD

ButterBliz been having lotsa new menu lately. Assorted pie flavours. Most recent ones are Butter Chicken, Mushroom and Tom Yam. I'm yet to try it but everyone loves the Mushroom Pie. I'm getting some for babe today (fly all the way to KL).

And also, this is what I missed out on Saturday.

Mixed Grille (Chicken & Beef) w/Mashed Potato & Brown Sauce

*cries. Oh yeah, I leeched this photo from the forum. Thanks to Jack. *rofl.

You can get updates of their menu at the forum, here. Everyday the menu is different.

Oh yeah, I had Spaghetti Meatballs yesterday for lunch there.

Does this make you drool? XD

After DnD I had meeting around 3pm. I forgot what time I went off though. But I went to Citymall for L4D. Actually to check out Dawn of War II. But erm, I think I'll suck at that game. But I saw a friend playing F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin. WAW! I rike it! Maybe gonna try one of these days. Oh nois, I left 1 hour for gaming! *reload.

Had dinner at Hana Japanese Food. This was on promotion. I forgot what this is called but it cost RM18.

But, the fish is not fresh and the sauce was bland.

Rina had salmon. But I dunno how that was.

I'll rave about this later. I can't remember what it's called actually. *rofl.

I've uploaded and cleaned part of my dA page. And some of the photos are available for prints. I actually have some request for prints so yeah I make it available for prints to everyone.

*click the deviantART tab on top.

Anyways, I'm going to watch Watchmen with CSPians today! Woopie! Thanks for holiday!


  1. horiiiiideeeiiii~~

  2. I wanna watch the watchmen too ...

  3. The mixed grille makes me drool la but not the spaghetti. Looks so soggy. Hehe.

  4. dori: horiday~

    nick: watchmen best! XD

    syura: kekekeke yeah, I like em raw XD actually

  5. i wan to buy Yuna EP tooo.... ;D

    mixed grille?!! @_@ *drools* *cubit massy* always makes ppl hungry... ahahahahahaaaaa.....

  6. Wow! Yuna's music so cool!

    hungry...... >.<

  7. Amy C: beli beli XD support support..eeeeeeeeee tu mixed grille aku blum rasa jua T_T

    charlton: yes it is! XD

  8. Again.. I should ALWAYS remind myself not to drop by your blog when I'm hungry!


  9. cin: *giggles. sorry XD kekekek..mari kita pigi makan XD

  10. Never heard of Yuna before oh...Must check it out!

  11. rozie: yes check it out XD best tu

  12. mas, thanx for the Yuna info..i oredi order her EP...yeay!! tidak sabar suda nie! ;)

  13. Anonymous8:09 PM

    That is the biggest and ugliest laptop that I have seen in public..

  14. itu Anonymous talkin abt Daniel's laptop kah? erk~~~

    maaaaaaassssssss i am still waitin for my EP!!! ~huhuhuuuu~~~` :(

  15. amy: seems like it. oh, it should take few days sija bah tu XD