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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Procrastinator went to watch a movie

I went to pick up the pies I ordered from ButterBliz for babe earlier the day. You can say that I was half an hour late. *points at cube. Went to rule's house to drop it off. Went to pick Arine up at her home. We waited in the car while playing Mario Kart.

Since Monday was a holiday. Me and 13 other CSPians went to watch Watchmen at Growball, Centre Point (CPS). It was the 3pm show. It was my first time watching it there. We had the middle part of most of the back row seats. It's nice for the fact that we get to sit together. Since the cinema is a public place, I can't complain much. But, I do want to complain.

This place is bound to have stewped people in it. I think there was a person who sits at the end of our left corner reading! Outloud! OMG! WTH. You wanna watch movie or read a book? @_@ *confused. Oh yeah, for those who never been to Growball Cinema, the seating is whack. Seriously. The numbering is so confusing. Odd and even numbers are separated. Left side is odd and right side is even numbers? *eyes twitching. We'd understand the seating better. Don't get the end row, coz of high traffic. Yes, during the show, lotsa people walk in an out in front of us. You're bound to get distracted.

Enough of those complaints. Now about the movie. Not bad! It's like a like or not to like kinda movie. For me it was ok. I'd give it a hmm 3.5/5. Why? Coz I'm not a big fan of over exaggerated sound effects eheheh. Expect humour. *noticed the guys gigging every now and then. I'm not gonna spoil anymore of it. Just go and watch it. Some might like it, some don't. I'm ok about it.

It's a near 3 hour movie.

We left to Citymall after the movie to test a game called F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin.

Heavy rain. Parts of the road flooded. What I fear most. I could barely see the road. What I rely on was break lights from cars in front of me. It's a combination of pain and struggle. Especially with my vision. I don't have perfect eyesight you see. Eventhough my eyes tend to be sharp at times (I spot $$ at times *rofl), but when you spend too much time in front of the monitor screen, forget about not putting em glasses.

Went for dinner at Old Town. We tend to get confuse between Old Town and Old Station *giggles. Had Curry Mee. I couldn't finish it. The lack of sleep pretty much killed my appetite.

Here's shots of dinner. Sorry if it's blur. The eyes needs rest.

Curry with Toast? They said this is tasty. But I'm yet to try it. Maybe next time.

Prawn Mee

Curry Mee was ok. I can't remember how it taste like I'm sorry. My brain sort of on sleeping mode that time. Though I thought it might taste like prawn mee?

Anyways aWell just so that a friend played this game the other day and screamed. It's fun but I need headphones. I dun like reading conversations. Somemore when I'm lack of sleep.

Wento off before midnight. But since I was driving. Had to send my bro's gf home. I feel his pain. Inanam to Lok Kawi is GG. @_@ Reached home around midnite, had some minor browsing, showered and slept around 2am. Oh crap! Woke up at 7am with a headache and my eyes barely can open.

*I sort of forgot what I wanted to type before the polaroid part. OMG!

On another note, I've been bz bidding for a polaroid at ebay. Thanks to Flannie. *roll eyes.

Argh, I hate bidding. *sigh. I can't win this bid *cries.

Ogie, I guess I'm gonna head off to bed now. My eyes barely can open. Gnite peeps~


  1. i tried bidding for polaroid few times and i tell you, cannot win one!!! so bikin meradang owh...

    i'm avoiding myself from lelong now for a moment...heheheheeee.... :D

    massy, get some sleep leh..nanti u become panda..LOL!!!!! ;)

  2. Lots of mixed reviews for Watchmen, specifically on the hatred side. I'll go with the majority and skip. :-P

  3. Amy C: stress balik balik kena outbid, I try to limit myself to USD50 argh cannot win also de T_T

    Dan: alah why skip, not bad leh XD

  4. i want to watch dragonball.. and nothing else.. hehehe

  5. Jard: u wanna see how ridiculous it is ka? XD kekekeke

  6. haha..yeah i wana watch dragonball
    o ya, growball cinema d cp tu mmg nda brapa comfortable kan..smelly lg..but, slalu jg sa p sna, malas jln kaki ba..haha

  7. marmalade: wakkakakakka, I dunno if it smells, the thing is the seating mmg confusing XD

  8. Watchman, no thumbs up and no thumbs down---confusing to grasp or understand the meaning of what they comphehend.

  9. Ron: I get what you mean and I totally agree. It's a "to watch" or "not to watch" movie XD