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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why Now?

While everyone enjoying their weekend. Here I am. Sitting in my room (well not all the time but yeah). Feverish. =_=" what a mood killer.

I had planned how my weekend gonna go by. DnD session and Lamb Stew at ButterBliz. But today, eventhough I manage to wake up for my morning run around 6am, I couldn't seem to go about doing what I'm suppose to do.


I was coughing really bad and what I thought was a slight fever turns out to be a major one. I was home all day and what I had for lunch is liquid. I mean porridge. I'm dead hungry now. And I felt as hot as the sunny weather outside the house. GAWD! I'm burning up.

All I did was sleep. I hated it. I wanted to go out, enjoy the rest of my day but I couldn't *sigh. How nice it is to be spending time at home? NOT! *sigh.

Anyways, gewd to let everyone know that I'm feeling slightly better now. Only having minor headache but I'm uber hungry.

My bro hasn't come home yet. I want my Lamb STEW!!!!


  1. Get well soon Massy!

  2. Kesian.. seems like you're always sick oh.. hope you get well soon!

  3. jacq: yeah I'm prone to illness @_@ I think I should eat more vitamins XD

  4. r u ok today? hope u get well soon massy...

    eat more vitamins....

  5. get well soon moi..yg lain tu ..can do later bila sudah ok. :) Minum air banyak banyak

  6. amy c: still sick..thanks..i'll eat lotsa fruits..

    mel: will do @_@

  7. get well! errr. ke dah sihat nih? hehehe

  8. I want Lamb stew too ... LOL!

  9. Jard: Blum baik lagi. thanks

    Nick: LOL. Come to ButterBliz XD

  10. Hey massy! How you feeling today? Hope you feel much better already.. *hugs*

  11. Lamb's always good. Get well soon!

  12. Syura: Thanks

    Perry: Yeah, Lamb is gewd. Thanks

  13. By today u shud have had your lamb stew already. Did you?

    Man, i don know how long I havent seen any lamb stew .. lamb chop adalah... this post makes me hungry.. again...

  14. PapaJPP sudah se makan lamb stew oh...yesterday lamb kebab XD