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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Life so far...

Life been gewd.

I actually wanted to blog 2 days ago but I've been caught up with doing other stuff.

It was about how beautiful the sky was. Covered by dark gloomy clouds with a layer of blue. I love it.

I notice I've been drinking lotsa tea lately. Like everyday. *sweats~

I also been doing lotsa online shopping @_@ urgh, I must stop.

Went to 1 Borneo last nite for dinner. It was a late dinner, yes late as in past 8pm hmph~ I was dead hungry since 6pm, I nearly didn't wanna eat. But I had chicken cutlets instead. @_@"""

These chicken cutlets cost RM6.99. Love it!

The sweet and sour chicken are complimentary from the manager.

Oh yeah not forgetting the pricing of certain things are a bit ridiculous.

Check out my raves, here.

I went to Daiso and bought myself some threads *giggle.

I've bought a cute shirt XD Ignore my pose and how zombified I looked.

Sorry 'bout the blur image. Oh yeah, notice my new choker? I got that for RM10. I saw the exact same one for more than RM20. GG rite?

I actually wanted to wait for the Yuna EP before I blog about this but heck! Since it's the most happening song of this moment. I'll post it.

Bet everyone been listening to Yuna's song, Dan Sebernarnya lately rite?

I know who! *points at Amy C.

The EP has 5 songs and cost RM23 including shipping. If I remember that correctly. You can order it from her website at myspace, here.

Hmm, I'm wondering when Rocket gonna come out in a CD? XD I love that song!

Oh yeah, you can get more updates at Yuna's Facebook page too, here.

Aight finally I'm done, it took me nearly half an hour to finish this and I'm late for work wakkakakak. Happy reading!


  1. i felt someone pointing at me...Wakakakaaaaa.....i like the song...mellow mellow abit...

    massy, where u always online shoppin ah? i'm crazy in online shoppin too... ;D gegegegeggeeee....

    ur fewd ah always makes me hungry owh...haihssss....

  2. Amy C: Scroll to the bottom of my blog page, ada tu Shop Till You Drop *cough cough, sana lah se pigi visit, if I like I buy, XD kekekekeke

  3. pergh!! this becomes a food blog.. hehehe..

  4. must pull myself away from online shopping XD very addictive. memang byk stuff. will check out the rest of your recommendations XD

  5. Jard: OMG sorry sorry, I'll cut down on it I promise, I'll blog about something else *rofl

    Fara: *giggles. Aku mmg ancus tahap maksima with it @_@

  6. Massy ba, dont ajar me online shopping. Addict suda ni~

  7. Donna: omg opps XD kekekekek

  8. I told myself not to shop online, but i just cannot help myself..! I just bought 2 bags few days ago..*sigh* (i already have more than 30 bags oh!!!)

  9. Kadusmama: omg, we need to refrain ourselves, ehem actually I'm waiting to bid for a camera omg! help!

  10. I also wanna blog about her XD
    at first kan, I thought she was Yuna Ito because she doesnt sound like local but when I go search, local pula @.@
    I like the deeper conversation song XD

  11. ling ling: try after midnight XD

    I browsed some youtube kan, peer pressure also nice XD

  12. Best jugak Yuna ni ahh.. I honestly haven't heard any of her songs. I like her voice. Thanks for putting this up for people like me. hehehe

  13. syura: best kan...u try look for it on youtube, banyak lagi tu..check out rockets XD

  14. who is actually this Yuna? nvr heard of her? ?w?

  15. makoto: yuna is a malaysian singer. her song "dan sebenarnya" is quite famous and keep playing on radio lately XD

  16. I shopping a compensation for something lacking--I often wonder, but then I wonder too much and sometimes right up to the edge---the edge of what, well don't usually figure that out, before I withdrawn. One day I cross that bridge.

  17. Ron: r u talking about the song? XD