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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fool!

Somebody decided to pull a prank on the CSP forumers. XD

Got chatbox somemore. But limit for 60 posts only *rofl

We're back after few mins.

Here's wut "the culprit" gotta say, click here.


  1. *LAUGHS*

    OH MAN! That was funny! *laughs like hell* Considering how much time you people spend on CSP, mesti tension! *laughs even more*

  2. compy: yeah it was crazy...ppl turned more lemon when the shoutbox limit 60 post in 1 hour hahahaha lagi kuyak XD

  3. Lucky I didn't get any prank yesterday!!
    Such a nice forum you guys got there!!

  4. hey eshark..u're welcome to join us XD