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Friday, April 04, 2008

Flufferness Turned " ** " *cough cough

I retyped this post. @_@

Last Thursday (3rd April 2008) was my 2nd sis's b'day. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLUFFY A.K.A PELAPI A.K.A TINA!!" (btw if anyone curious about her nick, I could tell a story about it XD)

blueberry cheese cake from nexus XD

Can't post her age, she might kill me.

Here's some photos I took before I left for dinner with some CSPians at Asia City.

my bro M.I.A (missing in action)

strawberry is mine! XD

I went off at around 7pm. I know, I'm slightly late, luckily, I wasn't the only one. We ordered satay and dumplings.

Some of the CSPians who were there.

There's live cultural dance show there. I dunno how to describe the place. It's the seafood place at Asia City? Few blocks away from the cinema?

F.Y.I, somebody can't stop chanting "kambing" since last nite ah. I got proof of him not letting go of the satay while eating.

look at him holding those satay!

@_@ try to imagine this creatively @_@ kuyaks

We decided to proceed to CarcaSean at Citymall for Betrayal. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! My plan to stay home is ruined! I actually got another funny shot of Panja, but I scared he'll strangle me if I post it *sweat.

The traitor come out too soon. OMG! I was juz about to spam man. We had this scenario before, though we lost to the traitor this time. *cries.

We played another game there. It's called Carcasonne. This is a strategy game. I'm still kinda blur. Wait, more like I was blur when they were playing this. All u need to do is block other ppl and conquer? Correct me if I'm wrong. Totally lost about calculating the points @_@ *lost. Major LOSTNESS!

Max no. of players = 5 (red, blue, yellow, green and black)

Here's some shots.

point mark and the players

the explanation part, the castle, the road and the grass

how the players started the game and how the game progress

All I gotta say, the last map looks damn screwed.

Till the next post. Enjoy reading! XD


  1. haiii.. tula tu i avoid coming here.. mesti terus lapar! haha.. nvm, i make sure i eat first before coming by ur blog! :P

  2. LOL yeah u do dat XD sorry..fewd is a must to blog ah XD

  3. Alamak... ada makanan juga sini after visiting si JACQ blog... aduuuhhh...
    Happy belated B'day to your sister ok. Dont worry about the age still look mengancam ;)

  4. papa: hi hi..long time no c XD

    hehehehe sorry bah papa...u know la my blog misti ada time prepare urself before masuk XD hahahahhaha lol

  5. hahahahahaha!! tulahhh.. papa and Syura never learn their lesson. I masuk sini kenyang2.. jadi ndak lah kepunan sangat! LOL!

    Anyways, happy Belated birthday to your sis!! Tomorrow is my mom's bday and still haven't gotten her anything.. Ekkk.. Die lorrr..

  6. shem: hahahahahaha XD i think wrong timing bah tu they visit my blog *rofl XD

    anyways, wuah ramai april b'day..btw, happy b'day to ur mum XD