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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thought of the Day

I'm curious, wut does everyone do when they juz woke up.

Wanna know wut I did? Since my compy is like next to the bed. The first thing I'll do is refresh forum page to check any updates. If there is, then I'll reply some threads, turned my msn on, check some blog posts and start ironing my clothes and get ready for work. Hence why I owez go out late for work hahahahah. I know, I keep wanting to wake up early and leave home early but I couldn't seem to find my motivation to do it.

So, tell me, wut's the first thing u do when u wake up?

Another thought, why does everyone haf a DSLR nowadays? T_T *sobbing~


  1. well, for me..
    The 1st thing I do is look out the window, see if it's morning. Then check the time. After that I'll make my bed, then on some music. Then continue to open the rest of the curtains (in the living room), look out the window.. do some stretching then head towards the bathroom to wash up.. :p

    p.s: mas, i think everybody wanna become a pro in taking pics. The NEW fav hobby in town.

  2. If Louis Pang can do it. YOU CAN TOO!

    *thumbs up*

    What do I do in the morning. I wake up. Stretches. Open the window and breath in the cool morning breeze. Then I cuddle back under the blanket and get a quick 5 minutes nap.

    After all that, I wake up again. Check websites. By 6.45 am, I get myself clean then get ready to work.

  3. What I do is:-

    *rub my eyes
    *Yawn as much as I can
    *Look at the time (with one eyes shut)
    *grab my handphones
    *wait till my mom nag for me to wake up, then I go mandi, dress up, make up and, here I come ~sigh~

  4. wuah amy, sempat lagi oh open window and stretch XD i dun stretch..hmm..i is need to improve on my daily routine XD T_T so's the IT thing in town hmm

    dori: hahahahahah yosh! *semangat pudding! XD astaga, rusak ko ni...sempat lagi tido balik 5 mins..but still u go off to work earlier than me hahahah i only got off to work in like 7:30? XD

    MsFigure: thanks for visiting..anyways, too bad nobody nag me hahaha, I am a sloth @_@

  5. Hrmm....

    *re-snooze my HP 5 times
    *shower for 20 mins
    *switch on my lappie while getting myself ready... hrmm... but i never seem to touch it in the end
    *run down to kitchen: nothing that enlightens my morning tummy
    *drive like mad woman to work while listening to + curse 1 or 2 snail drivers
    *arrive fashionably late with style

  6. fara: lol hahahahah I oso arrive late hahahahah so funny XD

  7. - Check the time.
    - Snooze for a bit.
    - Pick up a book, and read a few pages.
    - Turn on my computer.
    - Go to the loo for some important stuff.
    - Head to the kitchen, to look at the fridge (this is seriously out of habit, cause 3 out of 5 times I won't eat anything).
    - Check emails, FB and FS and my blogs.

    Then it would depend on what I had to do that day. If I had class, then I'll mandi (this would be one of the important things in the loo). If I don't have class, then I'll lepak in front of my computer or read a book.

  8. O.O wow...sempat lagi reading wow~


  9. wake up, tidur balik, then wake up for good..

    after that walk two steps to my pc and then check google reader. and then check for paid assignments. and then blog, if rajin..

    last skali baru pegi toilet! so teruk!

    p/s: having a dslr is just the trend la nowadays.. doesn't mean you have one you terus terror kann.. :)

  10. Agree with Ratu Syura.

    It's just a trend. Someday people will find it ridiculous to bring a big dSLR to take a close up picture of their food.

    I guess no one realize some compact cameras can be as good as P mode in dSLR.

  11. wake up and put my hands in my boxers. to check if its still there, you never know if hantu gigit and bawa lari the you know what

    camera....i think everyone deep down inside, thinks they can take better photos than the next person. soon it'll be like mobile phones, where everyone has them.

    but seriously, i get up and whine and bitch that i have to go jogging before work. :P

  12. ami3 s104:55 AM

    check my hp (to look at the time, sms', missed calls and hari bulan XD!), cari my cats then go do toilet business (wash face, brush teeth, kenc and bers..blabla)..and thennn i go to the comp if there's no plans :D.

  13. Syura: yeah i know wut u mean. hahahahah but we got habit of tido balik ni kakakakakka

    saiful: *nods true..u got a point there. but kan, u didn't tell me wut u do when u wake up ahhahahahaha XD

    uncle: u scared ur thing ilang ka? *rofl omg so did u jog before work?

    ams: hahahahaha...yeah check hp, i do dat hahahah, check time sija XD

  14. hahaha daily routine.. and as for me.. wake up,tune up to Mix. head to the wash room.. spend almost 15-20 minute.. then check planner if there's a meeting > check which BAJU wanna use..pack up..feed my SPOIL cat "because 5.30am he do the meow thingy.minta mkn. till u wake's up".. then head to office.. 7.00am KING BREAKFAST..

  15. DSLR.. hmmm you dont have to have one..if got extra cash. if you really want it then buy la.. BUT make sure u used it la for good.. jgn jd DUST collection.. :p

  16. justine: yeah..feed the crazy cats omg! i need one...brush up my skills i is jealous XD

  17. you nvr know my cat. GOD. dah la doesn't want to eat left over.. even his own leftover.. can you see.. :|

  18. When I wake up...

    look at the clock...

    sleep for another 5 minutes...

    then look again at the clock...

    sleep again for another 10 minutes...

    then look at the clock, 8 a.m!!!!

    shower, work cloth, shoes, drive.

    Oh, and kiss the cat.

  19. hahahahah XD wuah saiful so nice kiss the cat XD i only say hi hi to my cats..i used to kiss em but lately macam inda pulak..i pet em if sempat XD

    justine: mana kucing ko..come i wanna pet XD

  20. Mas : which cat u want tis... ooo the furball cat kah.. besar sudah that cat.. ok wait till she have another babies... but u must come down to take it OK...

    Advise : actually.. if you already wake's up.. never ever.. try to go back to sleep... it can make u more ngantuk... i do NET search.. hehehe

  21. Normally, I'd wake up, check the time, go back to sleep for another 15 minutes.

    Then I'll open my glass door and curtain for the sun. If it looks like it's gonna rain, I'd normally curse. :P

    Next stop, my notebook. Check email, check blog blabla.. sometimes sempat lagi YM. Hehehe.

    The rest.. tengok keadaan. If no makeup appointment or photo shoots, I'd normally stay at home masak Maggi/order McD/tapau chap fan. :P

  22. cin: i notice lotsa ppl check their email/compy in the morning XD