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Friday, April 04, 2008

Make A Wish Meme

I'm so sorry this took awhile. I remember and I forget at the same time @_@ my bad.

I got tagged by Impy, like last month? @_@ omg

Here's the rule:

1. Think about what it is that you want more than anything, what your heart's desire and fondest wish is, and what it is that you wish for if you were to see the above wishing star flame across the night sky.

2. Right click and save the blank graphic above.

3. Use a graphic program of your choice and place your wish on this picture.

4. So, here are my wishes:

Wait, wishes?! MWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH *greed mode ON! See I'm not greedy after all XD

Actually I couldn't think of anything else other than world peace XD

Green green grass..*cough cough

Anyways, I'm tagging dokidoki. XD Panat ku mo pikir ni. And actually I wanna tag Panja, but I doubt he gonna do it :P


  1. wah... 450D lagi tu. heheheh

  2. XD bulih tunggu XD kekekek sabar ni

  3. LOL its ok. There are so many tags going around people's blogs. I can't keep up with all of 'em last time. Anyway, I hope your wish comes true!!! I mean wishES... hehehe

  4. XD me too impy *peace