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Friday, April 04, 2008

ATI Hawaii Themed Function

Few days ago, koby asked me to go to ATI Restaurant. Yes, so I did, it's near to my office and I go there to support! XD He posted about it at the forum, here. Actually I'm his first victim. *rofl.

The function starts at 11am to 2pm. I was kinda blur coz I never been to ATI College before. Lucky for me coz fallenone was around the area and we went there together.

Met koby at the entrance and bought the coupons for RM10.

koby the penjaga pintu *rofl. wait, security guard XD


freshly cut chili? XD

With the coupons, you get to pick 3 skewers (chicken, fish, beef and prawn), 1 side dish (baked potato or corn) and 1 drink (coconut juice or fruit juice), fair enuff. I dun mind supporting ppl. *peace.

All those decorations were done overnite ah. *pat pat koby, after dis u can rest man.

Here are the selection of skewers

Side dish (pick one of this)

I took the buttered corn. I love~ not too buttery, which is juz fine for me.

Some decorations and carved fruits

Last but not least, a shot of me and koby, hahahah proof "I was there!" XD (btw, thanks fallenone for helping me with my stuff @_@)


  1. Hi there. Was just passing by :) It looks like you had a good time. Love the food selection! Hehe My mouth is watering already.

  2. hi rozella, thanks for visiting. yeah, i think the chicken would taste better with the gravey~ XD

    i want corn! more corn for me! XD

  3. Massy!! You see! Before I bloghop to your blog.. sengaja i makan sampai kenyang first! Kalau tidaaakk.. tapuuuunn! LOL!

    So cantik they do the papaya and watermelon! Nanti lah I korek the watermelon from my fridge and test! LOL!

  4. shem: mmg pandai! XD hehehehe..sometimes i went to jacq's fewd blog omg yang sudah makan pun bulih lapar ni @_@

    yeah, my fren said they carved those overnite...punya nice XD i wonder if they make those buns or tit bits XD wuah siok tu kan