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Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's NOT a birthday party, It's a NORMAL bbq

That's wut uncle said *rofl.

It was a last minute planned Birthday BBQ party. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE!"

But before, we go on to the party, lets start off to where it should.

I couldn't say my day was crappy juz coz I didn't get enuff sleep. Or more like my sleep is consider screwed coz I keep on waking up every now and then. I blame the alarm and the smses. I had brunch at around 1pm, which isn't that bad at all. I think I should have my meals regularly or I become a skinny walking zombie.

I went to Citymall at around 5pm-ish (wait, was it before 5pm? *confused). Yeah so I did. I know, I'm too early! Gawddammit. My reason, to get pizza! For the BBQ. Haaa~~~ Before that, I went to meet up with Amy, who was at the Bridal Fair: A Day to Remember. Check out the program listing here.

Here's some of the shots I took. Well actually I took the tour after I got my pizza XD

Some booths there.

I left around 6:20pm. Or was it earlier, I dun remember, anyways, on the way there, I called uncle and ask if I could go early like around 6:30pm, but he said he's not home yet. OMG! I went home and wait, lucky for me it juz started to rain when I got back home. Pouring heavy rain! OMG! My jeans! Lucky also, my house not that far from uncle's house.

My bro and dx drop by the house coz it was raining heavily and they couldn't see the road. Lucky for me again. We waited till it's safe to go out, which is around 7pm-ish. I was dead hungry. I had 1 piece of bread. My stomach was growling. Crying for fewd. We could eat the pizza in my car XD But we didn't lol. We only start eating when we reach there *lol.

Started off with pizza. *nyum~ Unexpected turn of event. Eventhough there's like less than 20 ppl there, the amount of fewd, omg is juz scary. Come to think of it, I forgot to take photo of the fewd! OMG! NOOOOOooooooo.

We had a tour around the house once (well almost everyone) arrived.

But, I get to take a shot of this mwahahha. Uncle's dad's first attempt in making curry. Oishii~~~!!!! I dun mind having another round of curry XD Delicious curry.

Our chef *cough cough.

doridori with the chicken wings

Some of the ppl there

cubex, IRTeA, dias, hellstorm, massy and jassy XD

The cake

chocolate mud cake? ngam ka? from secret recipe. HEAVEN~ I'M IN HEAVEN~
And guys omg! "Here's Your Man LOVE?!?!?!!?" with additional 4 hearts?! OMG!

I didn't get any photos from this coz I took a video mwahhahahah! Uncle: "It's NOT my b'day yet!" *lol

The pink fox made an appearance. No wonder he's high. It's funny when looking at him exercising at that hour *rofl.

dun worry, he turned back to normal after awhile *rofl~

What panja been doing?

he's feeding himself with the tv series. he skip taboo juz to watch tv. u can barely distract him

Ogie, not entirely true, but yeah, looking at my shots, he's been watching tv. A LOT of it. *giggle.

Had a half round of Taboo! OMG! We lost T_T

Half coz some of them went home oledi. Lucky for us, panja haf his Betrayal boardgame. Nice! XD OMG! This is the 1st time I use other character. Hurray for me. But I died in the end T_T

Anyways, I've posted the other photos in my facebook, here. Or, I'll let dori post some of my photos at his blog hehe. I is amalas~

Come to think of it, have I even blog about Taboo before? omg

Last but not least, a song from the movie "Sweet Rain: Shinigami no seido". I blame Impy for this, check out his post here.


  1. OMG! I love Taboo!! Bessttt!! Paling syiok main esp when everyone is tipsy! haha..

    Good thing not so many food pics, Mas! I'm hungry now! Hehe..

  2. I love Taboooo!!! You get to see how a persons mind works by how they try and describe the words. *chuckles*

  3. I totally forgot to try the curry. Cursed TV.

  4. syura: omg! it's crazy ah..especially if u dunno how to explain it..yes, sometimes i looked funny trying to describe XD

    compy: u come back we raid uncle's house yosh! XD

    panja: hehehehe...wut? u didn't try the curry?! punya sadap tu..u ignored everything ah, i tells u, u is melekat to tv omg!

  5. What an awesome day you had! :-D Oh man... The curry looks so good! *stomach growl*

    "...a song from the movie "Sweet Rain: Shinigami no seido". I blame Impy for this..." - You're welcome! hehe...

  6. impy: yeah..ask uncle to make another one XD weeeeeee for the ones who can't make it..then ask the dad to cook the curry again..wuah i so likey~

    i wanna watch the movie man gawd i wan to watch so badly XD

  7. wah... byk juga activity ko nie.. hahaha

  8. justine yeah..when u coming over here

  9. wahdeh, i think its fluke lah the curry tuh. im gonna ask him to make it again. tengok kalau sama kah tidak the taste.

    oh and aunty, you should tell them sepa paling champion main taboo

  10. uncle: hahahahahaha DX is scary T_T can't let him play taboo..he's scary~ kowaii!!!!

  11. morning.. cant promise bila can come down to KK... :) last year promise during Xmas.. tp last minute cancelation pulang... hehehe