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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Newest Addition to massy's Pinky Street Figure collection

I have ordered some Pinky Street Figures few weeks ago and received it today! Woopie!

Anxious, couldn't wait for my bro and opened the box, took 3 of my orders and snap snap~ *click~

1st model:

2nd model:

And lastly, clothes and accessories hehe.

Doesn't this look like me?

Btw here's my current collection

Pinky Street Figures

Rements & Other Miniatures

I need more miniatures for photo journal XD


  1. kya~~ kawaii kawaii kawaii~~


  2. I am so not a collector. -_- I applaud you your enthusiasm!

  3. irt: hehehehe yesu yesu desu~

    compy: hehehehe i juz started like few years ago XD i got slightly addicted...for photography reason XD

  4. Ooh, so cute! I like the 2nd model's 2nd picture..em, the one with two models in it? X3

  5. Fuyoh! you got new toys ya. hehehe

  6. Anonymous2:50 AM

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  7. eee.. so cute la!! nice collection you have there! now i know la what to get for your birthday next time! hehehe.. so bila can see storyline nie??

  8. fahrie: hahhahah it was suppose to be 1 but since they haf the same clothes, i decided to put them together hehe..thanks

    aceone: hehehe yeap...add up to my collection weeeeeeeeeeee

    syura: thankie! XD hehehehe *giggle..storyline i haf to think first coz inda cukup material i mean miniatures...dunno wut story to do with only figures XD

  9. Punyalah cuteeeeeeeeeeee..... the 3rd one mmg like you. *maybe i should buy u a spectacle* Hohohohoho

  10. fara: hehehehe...i got those kinda spec..1 patah sudah. I got another one but hmmm malas mo pakai XD

  11. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Hehe, one of the dolls share a smiliar hairstyle like yours'! :)

  12. *giggle...yeah rite XD

    i need to do something with my hair again hehehe it's getting messy

  13. hey the figures are nice. where did you get them?

  14. hey abner..thanks for visiting...anyways the pinky street figures, i got some here locally, some given by frens and some i ordered from japan. XD

  15. Anonymous12:15 AM

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  16. Anonymous6:44 PM

    It was very interesting for me to read this post. Thanx for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.

  17. Hi anonymous:

    I've moved my post about them to another blog and I've added few more in my collections.