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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Music Tag

I is got a music tag from compy.

1. On a scale of 1-10, how big of a music fan are you?
A: I would give it a 10 but I'm not a fanatic. But, I also can't live without music, I could die in sorrows.

2. What music genre do you listen to the most?

A: Indie pop and rock. I love any kind of music that rings to my ear.

3. What is the first album you’ve ever owned?

A: Wow, *think hard. *think harder sorry I couldn't remember.

4. Did you use to have posters of your favorite singers up on your bedroom wall when you were younger? If yes, who?

A: Younger? *recalling. Not that I could remember. *rolling eye from left to right to remember. Why can't I remember? But I put up Laruku posters during college years, does that count?

5. Do you have any music related posters up on your wall now?

A: Music related? In my room? Sadly no. But, I have random postcards on my mirror, some waves, beach and surf wear poster XD

6. Have you ever made a mix tape for anybody?

A: I did a mix cd for myself? Oh that is a depressing compilation, but I love it XD

7. Who is the best artist(s) that you’ve seen live?

A: *thinks, there aren't a lot of choices here. And I seldom go to live shows I mean yeah.

8. Name 5 artists that you want to see live.

A: OMG! All my fav indie pop/rock band! XD Uh uh! the brilliant green! Hyde *drools~ too many to list out. Sorry.

9. What song always manages to pick you up when you’re feeling down?

A: Well actually I would say hardcore music but I guess that only happens if I'm tense, nowadays, I listen to indie XD haaaa~~~~ I feel calm and collected. Yes, some of my friends find me depressing listening to the kind of music I listen to *rofl.

10. Name 3 of the most romantic songs.

A: OMG! Matt White - Love, Matt White - Miracles, Aqualung! Tim - sarang ham ni da, Jo Sung Mo, too many too many, but the most important part would be any music with piano and acoustic guitar as instrument would be great for me. I'm easily affected by music (great music).

11. What is the best breakup song?

A: There are some but I couldn't think of any right now.

12. What is your favorite album?
A: Are you crazy?! You're asking me to pick one?! But how 'bout the others? U is bad! I is not happy.

13. What is your fondest memory when it comes to music?

A: Well actually every single encounter of me singing. I sing and hum all the time, juz not around ppl, coz I dun have a singing voice but yeah.

14. Bonus question for the ladies only (well, unless you men want to answer this :P): Who would you rather do? Spike from 911 or Ike from Hanson?

A: OMG! What kinda frigging Q is this? *thinks~ *thinks hard. Do I really have to choose? Well, I guess I'm not gonna to.

Anyways, I'm tagging everyone who's reading this post mwahhahaha. Sorry bah. I dunno who to tag ni, coz all I see is like the hunk tags ni @_@

Another thing, been trying to redesign the layout. Got idea then stuck, stuck, "I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere and nobody to care where I'm at" *random lyrics with random melody @_@ kerapu~

Btw, I'm obsessed with Nerina Pallot song now.


  1. *laughs* You CAN do the hottie tag if you want you know.

  2. compy: no i dun :P

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  4. Originally from southwest Louisiana, capital of cajun music if you know about that. Also love regional Mexican. Your blog has some nice features. Takes a long time to get one right---looks like you made it. Ron

  5. Home Broker: thanks for dropping by.

    Ron: I'll try any music. Anyways thanks for dropping by