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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Boardgames at Mindslaver

This post haf been long overdue T_T gomen~

I slept at 3am this morning and woke up around 6am planning to do my laundry, instead, I continue my slumber and only woke up after 10:30am. @_@ omigosh~ I notice my bro is already ready to go off. I wanted to join some CSP members for another Alice in Wonderland photoshoot but I couldn't seem to force myself to go. In other words, my body aches and my throat is in a slightly bad condition.

The next plan was to go to Mindslaver to observe the Dungeons & Dragon session but since cubex and IRT couldn't make it, there weren't any. Well, actually the initial plan was to stay at home. I was suppose to be there at around 2pm but somehow I end up there at around 3pm. Urgh, distractions. Seems to be a lot of pc problems lately. The hddisk from my dad's pc couldn't detect and I was so late earlier. *sigh.

the players: me, francis, kc and sleepywolf

Rob had brought along his "Settlers of Catan" boardgame and it's my first time playing. With Francis's help, I won!!! The alliance wins! XD

Look at my creation! XD I'm orangie! XD sot~ if I dun get any help I might die man! XD I is got longest road *peace.

Rainer came juz right on time with Betrayal at House on the Hill boardgame!

This is the part where I say "wholly kerapu" The boardgame consists of:
  • Secrets of Survival booklet
  • Traitor's Tome booklet
  • 45 Room Tiles
  • 6 Painted Plastic Figures
  • 6 Double-Sided Character Cards
  • 80 Cards (Omens, Items, and Events)
  • 291 Tokens
  • 30 Plastic Clips
  • Turn/Damage Marker
  • 8 Dice - u can roll, "0", "1" and "2" only omigosh!! *screams.
  • Rulebook
Max no. of players: 6

they're in control

6 characters to choose from. Each haf split personality XD ogie nolah. Each character have 2 different person

Here's how the game work. There's 6 players, at least, well I mean it's more fun if there's 6 since there is exactly 6 characters in this game. Anyways, u get to pick ur random character by picking a number from 1-6, and u get to choose up and down. Ogie, in my case, I played 2 rounds the other day, and guess wut? I'm skitzo. Yes, I picked the same character I mean same lady with different personality. Wut's the likelihood of dat? COME ON! I think Rainer sabotage me this, he make me use her again *roll eyes *kidding! XD

the starting point, or should we say the entrance to the haunted house O.O *kowaii~~

Once everyone got their *cough cough character, we haf to set our stats to the green color number there, well if u can see la. Now let the game begin! The speed determines the number of steps ur character can move. So, starting obviously from the entrance, ur character could either explore the ground floor, upper floor or basement. *scared~

As you go through a different room, u open up a new room, which in this case represented with tiles. The fun part of this is that the room keeps changing. Anyways, there's 3 different card which represents the symbol of "Event", "Item" and "Omen". You could gain points in some room, which is a plus~.

But, if you entered a room with the "Omen" symbol, you're dhooooooooomed!!!! Ogie, maybe not dhoomed, but something will happen XD and you gotta roll 6 dices and compare against the number of Omen card for the traitor to come out *kowaii~~~

Juz say that in this 2 round, we encountered spiders and evil plant. T_T we died *sigh.

dx and fallenone

dias, me and francis

intense moment, till everyone rather stand *rofl

But it was fun! Must play again! Damn addicted with this. I blame Rainer.

I dun wanna go too detail about the monsters coz I wan ppl to join in and play! XD

Anyways, here's a teaser for the 2nd scenario.


  1. that game looks fun~ i definately try to make myself available joining board games~

  2. owh my.. look cool..

  3. joanna!!! lai lai sunday 1pm mindslaver XD *peace

    robin: yesu yesu~ it's fun shite! i tells u...i got so addicted!

  4. OMG.. wat r u guys playing tu?? me confused. btw, citymall also got board game shop called Cacarsean or something.. can play games and have some drink while ur at it. i never went in though coz dunno how to play the games.. ;p

    maybe u guys CSP should check out that plc some day

  5. well problem is betrayal boardgame belongs to rainer...he's killing every single one of us with it..

    i wanna play catan! acing senang sikit...cing, mari ko punya catan~ XD