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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Roadtrip: Ranau

The plan was to go to Ranau and stay a nite there. But, there's a problem. Halfway there, car problem =_=" but the car juz came back from the "clinic". Lucky for us, there's a small sundry shop and yes, they haf water. Thank gawd! We nearly called my brother to come get us.

The weather was terrible. It was frigging hot. I barely could open my eyes. While waiting for the car to cool down, we hang at that shop, eating "kuaci" XD Well since the car's condition isn't that gewd, we decided to turn back. Can't go on, scary, who knows whether or not the car would explode like *cough cough the other day at Gaya Street *cough.

this dog decided to hang around near the car O.O

this male cat suddenly came to me O.O do i haf cat smell all over me? oh but he's so cute XD

Well since we're hungry and since dad suggested soft crab, we decided to eat at Salut Seafood Restaurant. Here's some of the stuff we ordered.

Check out the raves here. Everyone except me ordered for ice cream. OMG! How could they not be full after all that?! O.O This whole thing cost nearly RM200 O.O omigosh~

After lunch, dad decided to drive around Tuaran for a nice place to stay, resort obviously, so yeah, we were driving all around Tuaran. First stop was Tuaran Beach Resort, this is actually previously known as Sabandar Bay Beach Resort or something like that. Our problem, that place looks deserted. @_@

Next stop is Mimpian Jadi Beach Resort. Omigosh, these places are so damn far man. Satu limpas utan, satu limpas bakau. @_@ I actually been here before. But the condition of the place is juz ... *speechless. But the nicest view is the beach. Damn surreal man! Stewped me didn't take photo coz it was way too hot! Seriously man, I think u can roast chicken in the middle of the beach, without fire yes.

While deciding, we decide to call Rasa Ria Resort. Ogie, this is the not so fun part. It's FULLY BOOKED TILL THE 10th FEB! Omigosh! =_="

So, where these crazy tourist went? We actually saw this signboard, and yes we were curious.

There's this place called Borneo Kellybay. When we reach there, there were few tourist buses there. Wow, seems like a famous place. So, yeah, the curious tourist went to the path till they reach the tour guide *cough cough, I mean the person in charge. No resort, only place to eat, fish and stroll along the beach. Which I think is a kewl thing. But we were kinda too late and it's frigging hot! Here's some shots of the place. Should check it out some other day.

this is how u get to the other side

i is saw some crabs XD

my dad calls this the "tsunami effect"

There's another place for fishing, which is near to this place, called Co-Nelayan, you can fish there, but yeah another deserted place.

Till then, happy reading ppl XD

Oh yeah, before I forgot, I took a shot of one of the cats at home. XD

FYI, my pc juz recovered. After going through some modification *cough cough I mean power supply changing and RAM adding. It's fine now. I juz need to reinstall stuff XD It was kinda frustrating oh and I was slightly cranky coz I was so sleepy, well I actually slept for few hours and woke up with a headache XD hence a lot of nonsense, I haf no idea wut I'm talking about rite now XD


  1. Oooo road trip! I love road trips! Sorry about the car, but hey, at least you guys get to see all the other places! xD

    Borneo Kellybays is owned by my bf's cousin - but can you believe it, I've never been there! Must go lah someday. I heard (and saw photos from his cousin) that it's beautiful! :D

  2. Eee, nanti I balik come we all go roadtripping together? :D

  3. cin: yeah it's beautiful! too bad we didn't go the other day too late bah..inda pa...we survey survey dulu

    acom: i wan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \^_^/

  4. OMG the last pic of the cat punyalah cute!!