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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Roof...the roof..the roof is on FIYAH!!!!

Well not really la. It wasn't really a building. It's a car. Kancil on fire! I have no idea why or the how. I only know the wut coz one of my colleague happens to be there. XD

Bah, dat's why la ppl, please check ur car ^^;;


  1. Muigads. My brother owns a Kancil. -_- I don't suppose it's his though, since no one called me. :D

  2. acom: well juz hope everyone check their car XD

  3. last time my neighbor's kancil was on fire. it was parked peacefully and then it started to flare. weird! scary!

  4. phantasma: omigosh, way scary =_="