Friday, February 22, 2008

Roti Cobra

This is wut we did last Tuesday.

Since, we dun haf any boardgame session (now it sounds like I'm neglecting my DS T_T noiiiiiiiiiiiiis).

We went for dinner, well considered my 2nd dinner (I had dinner earlier that day *sweats) at Curry Fish Head Hilltop for Roti Cobra.

Here's an image of how roti cobra looks like.

No, it's not like the usual as Julian calls it "roti terur". *rofl. There's something else at the bottom of that whole roti thinggie. This is the kind of egg I like, half cooked XD. Ogie, here's a teaser, juz say, there's chicken, some spices, onions and cabbage under it. Actually, it's been awhile since I had roti canai. Gawd, this is tempting me! For the past few days, my nose has been deceiving me. I keep smelling roti canai. WTH! *kerapu~~!

Anyways, NO, we didn't know why they called it roti cobra. Sorry, maybe we'll ask next time aight XD *peace

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  1. Okay.. i didn't know there's such a dish call this lol.. sounds interesting though.. maybe i'll try it out the next time i go to a mamak stall :)

  2. XD yay~

    everyone will go CooooooooBbbbbraaaaaaaa on dis @_@