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Sunday, February 17, 2008

CSP: Farewell, Welcoming and Birthday Party

We had a lunch outing at Peppermint Vietnamese Restaurant at Gaya Street last Friday. I took half day coz I know I can't go back to work after that. Will wait for photos from penman. Who was there? me, toyboy, Shadow, dx, Namor, penman and gf, penman's fren Jen, doridori, rob-jr, Shadow, cubex, IRT, TheButler, Aron and er, did I missed out anyone else? Sorry, I can't remember.

After lunch, which is somewhere around 1pm, I drove and park at CPS and walked to KK Toys with rob. Yes, I need a fren, I get really paranoid when crossing the road. I'm scared of retard drivers. ^^;;

Yes I bought some Re-Ment miniatures (as seen in my previous post). Gawd I so love it. I'll think of some stuff to shoot. Make photojournal yay! Oh I saw a fan. I want the fan. Only the fan! XD Dies~ I got slightly addicted.

We were browsing like mad and only went off at 3pm. Omigosh~ I charged my extra batt and only went off around 7:30pm. My mum sent me to the party at McD. Lucky!~ It was raining and I'm freaking out coz I can't see very well at nite. @_@ Who knows I might bang into something. Omigosh~

Handmade chocolates by kanariya. Kana sama~ me lurve~ and it's so nice. I feel the love!!! TOKIMEKI!!

This party was actually suppose to be for Dizzy + kcishere farewell party. A welcome for penman and rob-jr's birthday. Kc missed out on the cake *cries.

cubex (replacing kc), rob-jr (birthday boy), dizzy chan (nyappy) and penman

The creepy part is wut I got in my burger. I didn't take a shot of it oh nois. Ogie, there's hair!!!!! It totally killed my appetite.

Everything else seems like a blur to me. Or I was high. I remember I was definately loud XD

There were lotsa camwhoring session. Click here. Btw, for those who took photo. Kindly send em to me. TQ! XD

Last but not least, thank yew chucky for the group photo.

Another thing you might wanna see. Click here. Wow..I'm loving the red! XD

It was a night to remember! CSP FTW!

P/s: I would like to apologize to some of the ppl. Sorry for not introducing myself.

Till the next outing!

I got home around midnite and only slept around 2am. That seems to be the case lately *sweat.

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