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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Speedtest - how fast are you?

I was reading through some blog post and came across Chegu's blog about this. So, decided to give it a go.

and T_T i is not fast enuff *sigh.

86 words
And I tried again, I got.

95 words

Speed test


  1. wahhhhhhhh...*bulging eyes*

    punya champen ko mas!
    bagus you go apply jadi PA or Secretary...laku oh....LOL

  2. chegu: *rofl XD adei~ inda mo jadi PA or is IT slave XD

  3. OMG! That's awesome... compared to my meagre score of 42 or was it 43... ya, so memalukan :( Remind me not to sit next to you when there's a typing competition! LOL

  4. nessa: *sweat...i think there's other ppl who can type faster than me ^^;; XD sure sure..u is can sit next to me XD well if there is XD *peace

  5. Mas, gila eh, super campin ko ni tau..bedarah idung sa kalau menaip macam ko... .

    Apa rasia dia nie mas

  6. typing game XD kekekekekekke kuyak~

    nolah..i is got secret that should not be revealed hehe XD