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Friday, February 22, 2008

Lunch Outing at Citymall

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I took the day off today coz I know I'm gonna be dead bored if I go to work.

Had lunch at Green Passion - Vegetarian Cafe at Citymall with Amy, dori and Rob. Amy!!! Sorry for being late T_T

What we ordered? Check out the raves here.

I is stuffed!

After lunch, Amy brought us to this natural fruit joint. It's called Ananas. NO! not amalassssss. It's Ananas. I have no idea why they call it Ananas.

People can't really hang at this place, well maybe if u're alone or "rombongan" u could, coz this place only have roughly 4 tables and 12 chairs/stools. Oh nois~ But the fruit juice is a must try.

thanks dori, i likey this shot, but haf to putung acing's hand. mwahhahah putung!!!

Wut we got? Check out the raves here.

And last but not least, I bought myself a squarish froggie stuffed thinggie. Me turned into a camwhore. Omigosh! Well actually the first thought dat came right out of my mind was to get this for my brother, but I'm sorry, I can't it's too soft and I kinda got attached to it XD


  1. WOW is that MEE LAKSA??!! Uwaaaaa.. I is hungry! I is hungry! xD

    And that froggie.. ZOMG cute lah! (and the person yg holding the froggie also cute!) :B

  2. cin: dat is tom yam kung! XD vegetarian style XD sedap oh...kekekekek..opps. gomen, u haven't makan?! oi jam 8 sudah ni..anyways yeah, the froggie damn cute oh XD i is got so attach..*blushes~ omigosh~ i is not cute ^^;;

  3. shiVER9:37 PM

    Kirim salam sama Amy. Bilang dia cun kalo pakai Sisters of Battle.

  4. 'ananas' is pineapple in french...that's the only thing i can think of...the vegetarian food looks so yummy!

  5. lucy: ahhh so ic...eehh? pineapple? hmm