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Friday, February 15, 2008

I got meself some Re-Ment Miniatures~

I wanted this for quite some time already and I got it. Took it with some of my pinky street collection XD I lurve~ Oh btw, I got it from KK Toys. SALE!!!!!!

I is got chair too XD
Some strawberry collection from fallenone. Thank yew! Well, this is actually for me and IRT XD

I'm planning to make photojournal with these. Soon I hope.

I've been bz and lazy at the same time. Sorry for not blogging. Thanks for viewing *peace


  1. Eeeeee.. so cute!! Macam bulih dimakan!!!

  2. Aiseh.... I totaly forgoted that they got sale on 14 Feb. 30% some more for members. Dammit.... Terlepas peluang mo beli airplane model kit....

  3. Aiks my name kena mention XD

    Bah lain kali nak tikam re-ment panggil saja tai ko tikam XD

    Hope you like the miniatures !


  4. are really into food ah massy..this is so cute..

  5. cin: *rofl..cute kan! XD

    leejb: omigosh...i might turn crazy man seriously

    fallenone: thankie thankie! XD i totally loving it..i is need to think for photojournal for tikam again..BULIH BAH KALAU KO! XD

    deana: kekekeke but it's cute..i actually turned this psycho coz i saw some photos of it XD

  6. hi massy.. long time no stalk. hehehe.. Ala, i totally forgot lah about the sale at KK toys. Kesian lah my kids. Terlepas chance! :(

  7. That is really cute miniatures..:D

  8. shemah: yeah..join our forum!!! u get latest updates from there hohoho..

    mel: yesh! omigosh they "racun" me!!!

  9. davelynne5:15 PM

    ainah... jeles sia nampak tu benda-benda kiut... uwaaahh!

  10. davelynne: yeah~ cute gila...sampai i can't resist..terus beli.. @_@ i feel crazy somehow