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Monday, February 04, 2008

Cultural Extravaganza

no, it's not my camera, the banner is like dat

Last nite, I went to the Cultural Extravaganza show at Chancellor Hall, UMS. We went there at around 6:30pm.

Who was there? Me, my mum, both my sister, my bro, IRT, her mum, her 2 sis, dori, DaSaru, fallenone and his gf. Well that's pretty much all the ppl I saw la XD

me and my sis before the show XD

We were sitting like 7-8 rows apart from the stage ^^;; it's kinda far for me to take photo T_T *cruel world. Anyways, they only start around 8:30pm or so coz of technical difficulties. @_@ nearly 1 hour late so sienz~

Anyways, here are things u should consider/recommended to bring or do when u're there.

  • Make sure u eat before u go there, no fewd/drinks allowed and no fewd/drink stall around. Unless if u wanna starve? Be my guest man.
  • Make sure u bring sweets XD u'll need it.
  • For those who have nds/psp, bring em!
  • No video recording allowed, though I notice some ppl record use handphone or camera @_@
Oh and when on the ticket stated 7:30pm - 10:30pm, it's all BULL! Last nite ended around after midnite. Or so I think it is, coz we left before the show ended. Well 2 last cultural dance. Hehe.

This is a must see! These kids are from Tambunan. OMG! Too cute! XD

You'll be surprise wut these kids can really do man! XD

After that was the Scottish dance, their moves are like ballet. Nice.

Next was the Polish dance, they had those folk music playing, it kinda like going for picnic in the old days. Well, to me. Yeah with those fisherman's hat and all?

Then we have the Irish dance, OMG! Riverdance! *thumbs. But they were moving so fast @_@ mas couldn't catch up. Can't get much gewd shot of out it T_T *cries.

Next we have the Latin dance/Spanish dance.

Oh this one, if u ever watch the movie "Shall We Dance"? It's exactly like the ones in the competition. It was *thumbs AWESOME!

And then, the Maori dancers XD Yay!

this dood was telling about some words. I bet some of the audiences were blur

photo on the left: the mosquito hitting dance *cough

This attracts most of the audiences XD

Then the dancers from Kenya. Umm, they move too fast, hard to snap T_T gomen. Most of my shots are terrible in this case. But expect "tiger" dance *cough.

Then we have the cleaning crew *rofl. This is consider like a break for the 1st half. Which leads us to performance by Adam AF, Marsha AF and Ajai.

2 songs from Adam and 2 duet from Marsha and Ajai.

Here's where u get this slight "torture" feeling, coz there were some repeats. This is also where u can see ppl started to leave. I guess coz it's passed 10:30pm?! Like HELLO?!

But they missed this part.

Ukraine dancers. This was awesome people! XD

And another come back from the Maori dancers. The war dance! Sugoi~!

Dance performance from Brazil. Super slim dancers O.O"" wow~ Anyways, the capoeira was a bit slow. Did take some shots but the head was gone T_T Somebody's head in front of me *sigh T_T

Overall it's great! The only thing is, it expanded till midnite @_@ urgh the horror~

I'm going again tomolo yay! XD


  1. wah so nice..lots of culture can see...too bad i wasnt around kk that time..if not, i would love to attend the show too.

  2. eh chegu..but it's till tuesday T_T

  3. ya..and i am still not in kk...will only be back on Thursday morning :(

  4. pen pen yesu yesu..i is going again tonite XD weeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. naomi2:17 PM

    my friend invited me to go on the last day too! but i asked him to give the ticket to somebody else in the end. free tickets again. hmmm... stupido. just bcoz of the nite market and my colleague told me 6th is the last day for the cultural ex, then i didnt go. me stupido... *pukul kapla... toink!*

  6. adoi punya best tu last day..noooooooooooo knp u didn't go nooooooooooooooooooo T_T