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Saturday, February 23, 2008

February Shooting for Astro Kirana

Backdated: This suppose to be posted last Saturday, it took me a week to decide how to post this. (Well, not entirely true).

Check out the info/videos/photos here:
Casting session
1st day shooting

You might also wanna check JoJ punya blog post on:
First Day Shoot
Office of the Dead - MUST CHECK OUT! SUPER FUNNY! XD

No, I wasn't involve in this, I'm juz there to SUPPORT! And I never seen ppl video shooting before. So, I was curious. It was fun+tiring+crazy. *peace.

Anyways, some shots I took when I was there, sorry, I was slightly less active than my usual self XD Eh wait, I am a quiet person *rofl XD *indenial state *rofl

Hair and make up session *PRICELESS!!!

This is so wrong, caught at the ladies washroom and *speechless~

Before, after and in between shoots


parah ko dori~ parah~

team kici mata and KFC XD

Last but not least, look wut IRT drew on the whiteboard.

And wut rob drew on a piece of toilet paper @_@

Well pretty much it XD


  1. wahhhh everyone so creative and everyone so so handosme and cute.. especially the drawings.. kekeke.

  2. lol papa, actually the drawing by irt is csp forumer's avatar XD

  3. ami3 s106:20 PM

    aha! was there for a while when they did a shooting session at Imperial Hotel for some throwing apple scene or something like that. Hehe.. looked fun but macam tiring also lah. Ndak sabar jg wanna see the whole movie when its done. Hehe..! Main smart the lukisan on the tissue paper. If me koyak2 sdah that. kekekekeke.

  4. ami3 s106:21 PM

    btw, si shiver lah tu yg buang apple! hahahhahahahha!!

  5. ami3: *cries...too bad i missed dat one out...yeah shiver the ninja is EBIL and crazy! he's crazy i tells u! XD