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Sunday, December 28, 2008

CSP Ultimate Party 2008

The CSP Ultimate Party 2008 is a combination of 4 celebration (as follows):

1. CSP 2nd Year Anniversary
2. Post-HobbyCon08 Celebration
3. Christmas Celebration
4. Welcoming New Year 2009

This party is organized by IRTeA and was held at Aishah Hall, Imperial Boutec Hotel, Warisan Square. More info. about this party, here.

The dinner started around 7pm. I was late XD opps~ Yeah, messed up hair urgh~

*takes deep breath. Hah! Some people thought I wore dress mwahhaha. Well the initial plan was to wear a dress but since "BLACK" is banned from the party *sigh, I had to find alternatives.

It's not easy to look for clothes you see. It took me few shop browsing for the right one. @_@

My outfit cost me around nvm, you don't wanna know.

Anyways, buffet dinner. *leeched photo from Flannie.

After dinner is our introductory session. Erm, I have no idea how many of us. But most of the photos (single person) are in facebook. Linkies (here).

Once that's done, 1st game. Charades. Consist of 5 members in a team.

Team 1

Team 2
Team 3

Team 4

The winner is! *drumrolls.

Second game was, guess the CSP member. 2 player game. 1 person describe the other one guess. Forgot what's the time limit.

Team 1

Chiaki and sakuya - sorry no photo, I think I was er bz doing something @_@""" gomene~

Team 2
koby and alien

Team 3
panja and me

Team 4
dizzy chan and ling X3

Team 5
cubex and dias (opps)

Next is gift exchange. Weird that I got no. 12 and no. 21 @_@

I got a monkey plush in a ciggie container and rob got a mug

Our party ends at around 11pm. Last but not least, group photo (leeched from Shadow).

More photos:
Flanegan (Batch 1, Batch 2)
Massy (Batch 1, Batch 2)


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I'll update if there's more. Thanks everyone!