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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Where's Your Manners?

It was my parent's anniversary yesterday. I wasn't sure of the plan yesterday but I thought we were gonna go eat some Japanese fewd. Both me and my bro was fooled. Actually they went to Wagamama at Kompleks Asia City @_@

Since my bro and me were at 1 Borneo (can't play air hockey *cries, it's under service), both of us don't know what to do *sigh. We bought some tickets for 2:25pm Ip Man movie.

But before we get to Ip Man review. Lemme post some fewd XD

Check out em raves, here.

Was in a bit of rush, but heck the movie started kinda late and there's so many advertisement @_@

Anyways, I think this movie is great! XD Love it. My bro actually watch it 2nd time. My experience of watching it would have been better if not becoz of this couple who sat next to me at seat D7 and D8.

I really don't mind couples having their mushy mushy moments even at times it'll make me gag. Not trying to offend anyone here but hey it's just my 2 cents. What pisses me off was the fact that that *toot bf of this lady next to me was on the phone. I mean I don't mind if your phone rang and you whisper to the caller that you'll call them back or wutever. But there, that baboon, talking on the phone, LOUDLY!

Both me and my bro overheard his conversation. I bet everyone else did too. You don't own the place la dood. Even if you do own the place, it doesn't give you the right to talk on the phone in the cinema. Use your brain la. Get yourself a big screen tv la if you're so damn rich, your own personal cinema at home. Btw, he was on the phone not once, not twice, but I think 3 times. Till I turned my head looking at them with a look. That's when the *tootsie gf asked him to talk outside. STEWPED BABOON.

After the movie, they'd left and me and my bro was "bitching" about how retarded those people are, coincidently we walked passed by them. I HOPE THEY HEAR US! Lousy piece of shite~!! =_=" *hmph~

Oh yeah, what's with the 1901 kiosk at 1 Borneo? It looks like it's runned by gangsters @_@""" It was close since morning. Tutup kadai sudah ka? We went back there again, the punk that was guarding the booth told us that they're out of hotdogs. Hmm, weird, why do we see them making em? *confused~

That pretty much wraps up wutever shite that's happened on that day.

Thank yew very much for reading. I'm off to bed now.



  1. Reading ur post, it seems dat u really had a bad day..dun it will be good day for u.... cheers!!

    HaPPy NeW YEAr 2009!!!!


  2. Some people can be so rude la! I would have given them a huge piece of my mind la!

    Anyway, here's wishing you a Happy New year :D

  3. Happy New Year Massy!!!!!!!!!! *hugs*

  4. Eh, hepi anniversary to your parents ya and happy new year of the cow!! Mooo...

  5. happy new year massy XD

    apa azam baru tahun ni ?

  6. amy c: not entirely a bad day but that pretty much sums it up XD happy new year *hugs

    nick: thanks happy new year dood

    rozie: happy new year!!!

    nessa: happy new year!!! thanks

    angriani: ehem mo stay fit XD happy new year!!! XD

  7. Happy New Year :)

    may 2009 brings prosperity and good health to you and your family

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