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Sunday, December 14, 2008

"Makan-Makan" Section

This is a fewd post. You can skip this to prevent from getting hungry LOL.

So lemme start with Promotion at Cube. Cube at Citymall have Xmas promotion! As follows. Oh yeah btw, this place is non-halal *cries. I remember a friend told me that their specialty is pork rib. *faints.

More about Cube, click here.

At this point, I'm wondering if I'm crazy or just plain stewped. I just woke up and I'm hungry!!!! OMG! @_@ *queues I will survive.

*photo leeched from clerence MWAHAHHAHA

On another note, there's a new fewd stall in Wisma Merdeka. JAPAN BOAT TAKOYAKI!!!! OMG, they opened last Friday and it'll filled with people lining up. Clay told me it took him 30 minutes to get his share of takoyaki! I want! It's RM2.80 for 3 pcs. More about this, check his blog post. Lets go takoyaki!!!! TAKOYAKI, *drools all over the floor.

Next, California Grill. I went to this place at ground floor of 1Borneo. Near tune hotel area for the 1st time last Monday (8th Dec 2008) with my brother. We always make sudden decision to eat somewhere. Weird. Anyways, check out the ravings, here.

The fewd we ordered.

On Tuesday (9th Dec 2008), me and my bro decided to go play Left 4 Dead for the first time so we went to the fewd court while waiting for acing and his bro to arrive. Since I skipped lunch on that day, my bro brought me to the Dim Sum place at Citymall Food Court (Food Paradise, check out em raves, here) to try some. Oh btw, this is one of those halal place that WE can eat! XD

Just need some to fill the stomach so we shared the Lo Mai Gai (Sticky Rice Chicken) and Chicken Feet.

We went to Poppea Garden Cafe for actual dinner. Thanks to toyboy.

More about Poppea Garden Cafe, click here.

On Wednesday (10th Dec 2008), we went for Juice Outing at Tg. Aru. Some of us wanted to de-stress. I had a big glass of watermelon juice. And I had Mee Basah for dinner. I think it was RM5. It was ok. More ravings, here.

If I'm not mistaken, we ordered these from stall no. 4 or 5. Service kinda slow. Fewd are just ok.

Was at Citymall yesterday, Saturday (13th Dec 2008) to cheer for CSPians who joined the Cosplay Competition. I followed my bro, scared no parking. Actually the initial plan was to play L4D but we went and play boardgames at CarcaSean.

Anyways, me and my bro had Kuching Laksa for brunch at Food Paradise (Citymall Food Court), check out em raves, here.

I think the laksa cost around RM5? I forgot sorry.

I was there for few hours till dinner. Went to dinner at Olde Station Kopitiam, check out em raves, here.

I love the fewd there. Simple but tasty!

Anyways, that's all for this week folks. I'm gonna grab something to eat. I'm uber hungry now. Have a pleasant weekend and meal! XD Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm so going to visit 1 Borneo next month when I'm back

  2. ooo! nat will be back!! HAHA! time to kasi gemuk her!

  3. blue: LOL XD

    dori: yah!!! make her bloat XD

  4. wah!!u all so jaat to kasi gemuk her..massy omg u ate so many fewd la girl..kin takut sa eh...but u never get gemuk good eh! ehehehhe

  5. amy: who said i dun gemuk!?!?!?!? O.O control makan ni...makan pun makan...sometimes i dun eat XD

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  7. the promotion said..

    Special offer for student only :
    show your student ID & pay only rm2 for one kasturi or lime juice and enjoy our FREE WIFI here!!

    it good.. but..

    i sense dangerous.. mesti mau take action ni... +__+

  8. koros: LOL! alah but i can't go there oso coz it's non halal @_@

  9. Massy Massy! Makan saja kerja ko! Hehehehe

  10. rozie: omg yabah @_@ help

  11. everytime I drop by, mesti I saw many food pics everywhere.. aduh! makan sjak ko nih.. anyway siok jgk bah! kenyang suda mata sia nih.

  12. eshark: alah mata jak kenyang ka?