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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

COOKIE!!! nyom nyom nyom~

Where to get these cookie?

Homemade Delight, Ground Floor, Kompleks Asia City.

What's available?

I'm not sure, but from the photo are Raisins, Ginger with Choco Rice Chips and Almond (heart shape, my favorite). I remember there's chocolate cookie too. I'll check with Mune again later.


1 container/box is RM20.00


Wesley (I call him Mune, coz his nick at CSP forum is MasterMune) at 014 6797654.

Personal note to Mune: I want mushroom chicken T_T

So yeah, if you want em cookies, you can drop me a message here or call him at that no. above.

Almond cookies X3


  1. Once again Massy had succesfully make her loyal reader hungry with her blogpost about food.

  2. arine: uhu but u took most of the cookies the other day T_T yah!!! se inda puas ati uhu

  3. mushroom chicken is nice T_T

  4. i want mushroom chicken T_T