Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kittens series...

Sorry for the lack of blog posts. I've been lazy ahhahahaha.

This time, I'm gonna blog about my kittens. QD and QWhyte. Again, please don't ask me why my mum named them that way.

It's gonna be mostly photos. So thanks for viewing. Took these few days ago. Couldn't find the time to post it. Finally did.

Me and my sis, Lyne bugged QWhyte when he sleeps.

look at him sleep. Oh, the remote, it's not me. my eldest sis, Lyne put it there

Whytey looks so blur. He's actually sleeping. Me and sis actually bugged him. Oh and my 2nd sis, Tina said he got eyebag. I started calling him eyebager. LOL

Spotted QD sleeping at the sofa.

Their mommy, Bambie. I call her Bambers sometimes (ogie I lied, I call her dat all the time).

There's more but it's mostly similar/same. So yeah. Enjoy!!