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Friday, December 05, 2008

HobbyCon 2008 Preparation

I've manage to print over 100 pcs of fliers for distribution today at Sabah Trade Centre (Pikom PC Fair starts today till Sunday the 7th Dec 2008). Poster drawing by rob-jr is included there, so if you wanted to keep a copy, it's available but in B&W. Also another 100 copies A4 size prints from clerence.

Tags are ready. Thanks to clerence sponsoring the tags and dori for the tag covers. Got additional @_@""" I recall we only printed 30 tags last year. This year seems to exceed 50 tags. These are for the MC, the booth members and commitee members only.

Free 2009 calendar by clerence. First 100 to drop by the secretariat / live blogging booth gets a copy. Yeap, this is sort of limited edition.

Was at Kompleks Asia City since 3pm till 9pm today. Had dinner at Sri Selera Kg. Air.

Here's some preparation before "the day"!

Backdrop is up! With some Xmas decorations. The girl enter frame.

Panja hug? This is the best thing ever! I'm so happy. Happy tears~ (Sorry, blur effect). Hey how 'bout me? I want a hug too.

We have 2 bunting to indicate entrance and exit (somewhere in the middle).

Folding up em labels for booths. Sponsored by clerence.

Booths and tables. Erm, opps, I forgot that I didn't take the final arrangements of the tables. No worries, I'll take it tomorrow and post it up.

I took 57 shots. Now a bit too tired. I'll try to upload em at facebook album soon. Stay tune. And don't forget to join in for HobbyCon 2008.

Venue: Kompleks Asia City Atrium
Time: 11am - 7pm
Date: 6th and 7th Dec 2008



  1. clerence banyak tolong oh...


  2. koros: lol, yeah, he's the asst graphic dept mar XD

  3. gonna be there tomorrow

  4. JoJ: alah u missed out on the akatsuki members

  5. How come we don't have stuff like these over here?

  6. wow.. i want that limited edition calendar..sigh.. ehhe

  7. nick: got, comic fiesta?

    jard: alamak, i gave most of it away..there's like 300 copies XD