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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Japan Boat Takoyaki!!!!

This is the most happening thing in KK rite now. Japan Boat Takoyaki!!!

Location: Ground Floor, Wisma Merdeka (near cimb atm, this place was the old Saint Cinnamon lot).

I first heard about it last Friday (12th Dec 2008). Clay (check his post, here) works around there and he is our test subject. These "sotong" balls (apa ni, don't otak kuning bah u guys) "takoyaki" are sold at RM2.80 per 3 piece. The only problem you'll be facing is


Depends on traffic, sometimes you have to queue for half an hour.

Not only the queue is long, the place also have a long list of staff working on the takoyaki.

There's more than this actually. Oh this is when they're cleaning it up (sucking all the excessive oil).

The process of making (so I saw tako, cabbage and some chili powder being put in).

neato boat box

this is it!

Anyways, check at ravejoint for my review, here. Other reviews, here. Thanks.

Shots of us. XD

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Some might like it. Some might not.

Thanks to IRTeA for the treat.

Have fun eating!


  1. me and Bubbleberry went there but too many people line up.....uhuhuhuh...

  2. Hmmmm....such long time, somebody shout "FREE BEER"! :-)

  3. Looks pretty good. Not a fan of Japanese food but this one nampak cam sedap seja :) Rindu Wisma Merdeka suda sia ni...

  4. I eat 6 box a bit boring liao~ not I bored about the Takoyaki.....berbaris tu bah.....malas ah~ 30 mins lar at least pa ni!! anyway...GG >_>

  5. angel bear: yahhh!!! the lines are crazy!

    dan: we shall try XD

    nessa: yeah, sedap if u add more spices! and wasabe!! XD

    clay: ko gila. hahaha ko tunggu few more months la..kurang maybe? XD inda tau, aku guessing jak XD

  6. clay pigi beli time dia baru buka bah..hahaha..sebelum orang sempat baris ko baris dulu..

    i havent try ..look sadap!

  7. So makan new makan place in KK liao. When I'm back you all need to tour me around for food hunt XD

  8. vam vam: go eat la..baris for rachie XD

    nath: hahahahahha yeah, i'll find the new place then buzz everyone about it XD

  9. mas mas u lagi near bah..baris for me k :)...

  10. vam vam: alah i dun go there uhu XD

  11. Tak tau ada Takoyaki kalau tau tu terus tapau kalau tau. Tau-tau bukan di kasi tau rupanya teda di Tawau.

    Lapar tau.

  12. ouh i guess midvalley has it too, names Takoyaki jugak! best ouh yummy yummy! =)

  13. kay: LOL, come to kk and try it

    baitycariem: wahhhhhhhh i wanna try that. maybe different..uh oh

  14. i saw the loooong queve too...then malas to berbaris... -__-"

    issit sedap kah?

  15. Moi ,moi..apa ni? Sia pun mau tau macam si Kay mau tau, mau tau sedap ka inda ni? How come in KL sia inda tau ada ni boat boat ni?

  16. amy c: erm, the taste ok i said earlier, without the sauce, it won't taste as nice. sebab ada kosong sikit

    mel: takoyaki = sotong balls XD best ni if it's more filling. this one a bit empty. my bro said at one of the japanese shop ada, nanti i go try and blog about it XD eh? kl ada bah tu but i dunno where.

  17. I'm a person who will never queue for food.

  18. nick: LOL~ XD even if the fewd best ka?

  19. wah... kk got Japan Boat Takoyaki, gonna round2 to Wisma Merdeka tomorrow...TQ for your information

  20. kaitorword: no prob XD

  21. Aik!! see... again, makan makan lagi! this time Japanese food, oh this place happening nih for sure, but wait 2-3 months ndak ramai org q suda that.

  22. eshark: i think the same too, tunggu masa jak tu...slows down sudah

  23. Anonymous3:09 AM

    ok, here is the truth.

    it only takes 15 minutes actually.
    But due to customer yg suka main order order nanti baru balik ambil, their order need to prepare first. Sekarang pun cashier dorg pun pandai urus which order need to be complete first.

    I hate customer yg main order nanti baru ambil. dorang fikir dorang ja ka yang mau makan. baris la ba. sama2 tunggu dengan customer yg berbaris dgn setia. jgn perasan kalo duit byk. i hate ppl show off their money. itu duit pun main buang on top of the counter ja. no ethic as a customer.

    lagi satu, sometimes customers asked for more the fish flakes yg kamu pikir macam kayu tu. itu ingredients bukan semuanya beli d kk. order dari luar malaysia bah tu. kalau mau minta extra fish flakes, rugi la kedai tu. sa dgr2 1 bags of the fish flakes cost RM60. kalau habis dlm 1 jam, how many money the shop rugi?? Bagus dorang jual RM3.00 terus. Ngam jugak kalau mau byk kan.I know, kamu bukan peduli pun kedai tu sbb kamu mau makan ja. Just dont make so much demand. It's so annoying everytime i go and buy takoyaki.

    makan tu makan jugak, tapi sederhana la~~

    sama sama untung la bah.

  24. @Anonymous: wui, sabar ging. I think their case, they buy for everyone and can't queue like us bah.