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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Something about massy...

Before I start with my initial idea bout this post, I'll be posting about fewd again. Yes, fewd. And yes, you guys are doomed! XD

New place to eat! Where?

TENOM STATION, CITYMALL!!! It's located at 1st floor, near Y! fitness.

This was recommended by the guys from the forum. They kill zombies almost everyday. Or izzit everyday? Anyways, as per recommendation, I ordered the Hainanese Chicken Chop which cost around RM6.

A slice of fried boneless chicken meat served with chips or rice with slices of fresh tomatoes, green peas, baked beans and button mushrooms. It smells really nice. Taste very tomato-ish. The only problem we had was, not enough! We were still hungry after finish eating this.

A friend ordered the mee hoon soup. I have no idea how this taste like but this looks way filling than the chicken chop we had.

Ogie, enough about fewd. Now I shall post up some photos I took around the house.

Where does this lead to? You don't wanna know. *queues dangdut.

My dad found this moth? After going into the mini jungle, I suffered from mosquito bites @_@

While I was looking for this moth, I found a cute furry lil caterpillar.

I took quite a number of shots but this is also not the post plan I had in mind.

You guys are prolly anxious by now. Well, here it is.

My postcard collections! Some are purchased from my trip, some are posted or given by friends, some are from hotels and some are free postcards from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Germany and Romania. I got 2 box filled with it. And I love it!

Oh yeah, notice the orange plastic on the left, those are garfield postcards that I bought years back.

Some free postcards my sis got me from misc country.

I have posters too. Mostly surf and skate wears.

So people, if you went traveling, please get me some free postcards hehehe XD


  1. oh massy likes postcards

  2. mmmm Tenom Station ah, must visit :)

    wow your postcard collection....

  3. greg yeah tenom station tapi portion kicik T_T

    yes, i love postcards XD

  4. aargh tenom coffee!!!! i want i want!!eh u like postcard pulak...hehehehe....

  5. amy: heheheh omg u're a tenom coffee addict ka amy? XD oh yes i love postcards XD

  6. Merry Xmas! Ho Ho Ho! :D
    Wishing you a happy new year!

  7. o.o i scared when sotong said ho ho ho

  8. wa...bestnya
    saya belum penah sampai tenom lagi
    hehehehe XD

  9. angriani: boleh try tapi the portion kicik T_T

  10. Merry Belated Xmas Massy!!!!

  11. We have something called Kluang Station here. Wonder if it's the same ...

  12. rozie: merry xmas!

    nick: uh oh, if u went, review me plz XD