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Friday, July 25, 2008

The "Pari Bakar" Outing

Last nite, we went to Kedai Kopi Hilltop to eat!!! Grilled Stingray! Erm ngam ka translation? XD Pari bakar!!! Check out em rave, here.

Oh yeah, if you planning to eat here, those western fewd and pari bakar take a bit time to prepare/get ready. If you have no patience, eat something else XD

We were there before 7pm and I reached home around 11pm. @_@

Here's the fewd (sorry for the bad photo)

We had 2 pari bakar. Each for RM16.

Who were there?
Me, my bro (cubex), IRT, panja (he came with a reason, to convert a Window XP user *rofl), jack, Dizzy chan, dori, uncle and jna (she left early for X-Files T_T).

I got a tag by Amy C. I was gonna do it earlier but I can't think of an age I wanted to go back to hahahaha yet. I'll do it later when I can think of something. Well actually jack gave me some pickled mangos and I can't stop thinking of wanting to eat it! =_="

Till then...


  1. macam sadap oh T.T next pari outing!

  2. jna nah see! u should haf stayed with us T_T

  3. Aduh sadap juga. My favourite place to go when I'm looking for Pari and the sotong panggang. I love them all!

  4. waw..u mean hilltop ka papaj?

  5. My goodness! I haven't eaten pari for soooo long, sampai lupa suda rasa dia :( Hilltop ni di mana suda ah?? Nanti sia balik, mo pi makan di sana ... kalau dapat cari la.

  6. nessa, if u know where's unitar? it's juz right next to it..

    or maybe if u know the traffic light to lintas, coming from kolombong, it'll be on ur left XD

  7. yes.. that hilltop lah..
    i love the sotong panggang.. i alone finish the whole big plate LOL.

  8. wuah papaJ..u're a big fan of sotong ka..wait does dat mean u're a big fan of sotong from I'm Julian? @_@

  9. OoOooo.. pari bakar... Yummy~~

  10. yes it is yummy mimie XD wait that somehow rhymes hahahaha opps