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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Amsyar's KK Trip (Part 3)

I'm sorry it took awhile for me to update Part 3 of my friend's trip. I went to watch Hancock last nite but erm, I think I had something bad or too much gas in me that I vomited my dinner. @_@ Gawddammit. No worries, I'm fine. I just need to let all em gas out of my system *giggles XD

5th July 2008 - Day 3 - Kundasang

Ahh yes, still at Kundasang and I'm lacking of sleep. I showered at around 7am. It rained the night before. Had breakfast at the Nabalu Cafe. Again, fewd was great. Check out em raves here.

We went to Kinabalu Park around 10am. Well we went there coz my friend wanted to bring her son there. Entrance is RM3 per person.

We stop by this place before reaching Timpohon. Well actually, we were excited coz of that waterfall. Yes I know it's far. But it was worth it coz it's fun and funny! XD

Took lotsa photos there.

Some of the place are under construction. They're fixing the road. We reach the Timpohon area around 10:17am. Lotsa people and cars around, lack of parking space. Mum didn't wanna go join us in our little "adventure". Somehow I think she got this psychic sense that's telling her that she might suffer after *giggle. Well gewd for her. Coz I know for the fact that she don't wanna go hike all the way down to Carson Fall.

It was my dad's idea to hike to Carson Fall. I was totally wearing the wrong shoe and I was wearing jeans. Should have brought along more 3/4 pants @_@. Anyways, yes, we hiked to Carson Fall. My dad carried Amsyar. I think if my friend to do that, she'll faint in the middle of that pathway. Coz it's tiring. Especially for people like me (*cough cough coz I don't exercise *giggle).

it's a long way up @_@

I can't remember when was the last time I went there. But it was fun! XD Well excluding the part where I scared I might fall down somewhere and embarrass myself? XD

Anyways, I think my dad is in better shape than me. OMG! Not only that, he had his share of fun too. Over excited, he's imagining TARZAN @_@

massy: " ahhhhhhhhhh fresh air!!!!"

Well, I'm grateful and glad coz my dad is so kewl to bring my friends around. XD Yeah I just don't like it when he's in a bad mood. Angin taufan puting beliung man. But if he's happy, he'll crack some dirty jokes, I kid you not.

It was 11:14am when my dad drop by the restaurant area. Well some of us need to go to the loo. While I was taking some photos of my pinky street figures, my dad called me to look at this. Amazingly interesting isn't it? WAW! Yes, I had to adjust the ISO and everything else to get a good look at this. My dad said it looks like a dragon. XD I'll let you guys be the judge of that. I hope the shot is clear enough.

It was nearly 12 noon, we went back to the lodge to check out and drop by at the vegetable and fruit stalls. They sure bought lotsa stuff there. @_@ I actually wanted to get a cactus but hmm I thought to myself, I might not take care of it, so why waste money? XD

On the way back, saw this. My dad woke me up just to ask me to take a shot of it. @_@ Yes, I slept all the way back. And not only that, reaching home, I drop all my stuff on the floor of my room, and went straight to bed. That's how tired and sleepy I was. I actually skipped lunch and slept all the way through till 9pm. And I'm suppose to bring my friends to go eat seafood. But I was too tired to wake up. They should wake me up, I mean yeah.

So yeah, end of day 3.

More photos from Day 3 here.


  1. Massy, ko mo kasi jeles cya ka with your posts this...;B jk! Enjoy ja you kan...

  2. arms: uish inda kasi jeles bah...ngam ngam se bawa kawan se jalan jalan XD panats oh

  3. Massy...

    Why you didn't tapau the tuhau? did you rasa the bread oso kah? wangi oh dat nabalu's bread... :P

  4. tuhau? i didn't know. T_T nooooooooo oh yes the bread sedap oh..i heard they gonna undergo construction kan?