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Friday, July 11, 2008

Amsyar's KK Trip (End of Trip)

6th July 2008 (Sunday) - Day 4

Started the morning with going to Gaya Street for breakfast. Reached Thien Thien Restaurant around 10am-ish. I had Kon Lou Mien with Sesame Seed Chicken. Tasty! Mum love to eat there, but I warn you people, if you wanna eat there, must have patience, coz they lacking of staff so it's a bit slow lately.

Amsyar got this habit of wanting to eat whatever everyone else is eating XD so cute.

Kak Fina wasn't feeling very well. She was sick.

We were walking around Gaya Street till noon. I bought myself a choker. Mwahhaha. XD Most of us didn't get much stuff. It was so hot that I wanna faint from walking.

We decided to go to Tg Aru Beach for some ABC. Reached there around 12:30 noon. I had watermelon juice. Advice, if you love juice, just get the Large ones. It's only RM4. I took the Regular size and it cost RM3. And guess what? With Large juice that cost only RM4 is equivalent to 3 regular cups! WOKEH! Lesson learned. The Large Dragonfuit juice is so tempting! Maybe I'll get that next time.

We were there till 2pm. Amsyar was running around. He had so much fun. Yes, I had fun from chasing him around too XD And I took tons of photos of him there. *giggle. So cute.

Next stop is Filipino Market. @_@ Oh, it's so hot that I sweat so much. But it's not as bad as Amsyar, he's allergic to the sun and to the whole sweating thing. He get rashes on his back if he sweat. Poor little monster. He's cranky when that happens. His mum was too bz shopping and I was looking after him for awhile but I think he got slightly annoyed coz I don't let him out of my sight *rofl.

The whole shopping thing finish around 5:30pm. Well roughly. They're not done shopping em salted fish, anchovies and dried prawns. 2 boxes filled with it. Gawd, I was sweating so badly that I wanna go home at that moment. But, everyone decided not to, so we went to KK Night Market for dinner instead. Early dinner to be exact.

The kind of food available there. And this is not even half the stalls there. There's more!!!! @_@

Here's dinner.

Next time, if you decided to eat here, please ask for the price. *giggles. The prawn range from RM13 - RM20 each! @_@ But dinner was nice. I rike. We were hoping to take photos of sunset. But T_T haihs~ this is it. Yeap, that's it =_=" Not enough sun burst oh well.

On the way home, I drop by Tg. Lipat, wait, does the area near the Likas Mosque considered as Tg. Lipat ka? Yeah, we were there waiting for sunset till nearly 7pm. Hmph~ We left when it's all done, what a disappointment, the view is not that great *sigh.

Anyways, on the way back, I use the shortcut from Kg. Likas. Mum asked me to stop by at a friend's house. It's actually my friend's friend. She's not home though. Ogie, my friend's dad sort of forgot to give her the friend's wedding invitation. So yeah, we missed out on the wedding few days ago T_T oh nois. Oh well, no worries, at least there's still decorations left for us to take photo XD (At this point, I seriously need to shower, I smell like fish!!!).

7th July 2008 - Monday - Last Day of Visit

I guess most of them are tired but I promise my friend I'll bring her to eat "Kerang Bakar" and drink "Kelapa Bakar". So I did. This place is located along the road to Gayang. You can't miss it. Lotsa stalls there. In other words, if you know where's Bina Puri Gayang Site Office, it's actually before that.

There's only me and my friend Aizam actually, till the little monster wanted to follow. Surprisingly, he's obedient today. He even sat on my lap while his mum was eating. Hmm fishie. The "Kerang Bakar" cost around RM4 (depending on the size), and "Kelapa Bakar" cost around RM2.50 or was it RM3. Can't remember. Yes, it's cheap! XD

After all that, we went home and eat lunch. As requested, mum cooked "Ayam Biscuit". I bet most of you people don't know what is "Ayam Biscuit". It's chicken cooked with biscuit yes! XD My favorite!!!! *slurp~ tasty~ I'll blog about that next time.

Friends started packing. I think my car also packed with all the boxes and luggage. Small car T_T sollie. We went off at around 4pm-ish coz need to drop by Filipino Market to get more bracelet, we got to the airport around 5:30pm -ish . Roughly.

Amsyar on the trolly *giggles. So funny

I stayed till they got into the departure hall T_T Well more like I was chasing Amsyar around the airport. *giggles. I miss them already T_T

BYE BYE! COME VISIT ME AGAIN! *cries. Ogie, I didn't actually cry. But I'm sad. That whole 5 days was fun! T_T

More photos, here.


  1. Waaah... this post is like the "Jalan-jalan Cari Makan" but in words and pictures only heehe... enjoy owh you kan... Me belum lagi go jalan2 like that owh. Kesian kan:( heehe.

  2. arms u need to find time to do so XD

    siok bah jalan jalan makan makan

  3. LOL, I agree with Arms, sure sounds like jalan-jalan cari makan :D

    And that Kon Lou Mien looks so darn yummy. I'm craving for it right now and I don't think they do sell that anyway at 12.25 in the morning!

  4. nick: lol...makan is a must thing to do mar...anyways..kon lou mien..unless u know the person who makes it..u can bug em hahahah *rofl