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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cashmere MAFIA

So I took the liberty to check out this tv show, Cashmere MAFIA after reading Shemah's blog post the other day (wait, was it yesterday? *giggles). And guess what? I've been watching it since yesterday and continues it today omg!

I like this show! OMG! why is there only 7 ep! nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


  1. The show is so awesome and it so so suxs teda lagi kena sambung!

  2. I'm also bummed they're not continuing the show.. Best lagi dari Lipstick Jungle and that show diorg sambung pulak! Hmph!!

  3. rozie & syura: yah!!!!! se inda puas ati!!! I wanted more!!!! T_T

  4. I love this show! Was so bummed that they only have 7 eps! Like, wtf! Hanging storyline this! Ish!

  5. jacq yeah i'm so bummed when i finish watching it. *sigh punya tension. I want more T_T

  6. Astagaaa!! hahaha.. you pegi tinguk also.. I thought you said you were "free" from the distress! You see.. you pun kena oredi the sakit hati and ndak puas hati feeling! hahaha.. Sucks oh kan???

    *sighhhhhhhh* I am really really bummed out too. :(

  7. shemah!!! i blame u for this making me watch this show...curiosity kill the cat...oh wait i'm the cat in this case omg! @_@ but it's such a nice show *sigh..they out of idea for plots ka? i wonder