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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


First of all, I would like to apologize coz I can't think of a title *giggles.

Second of all, I'll be watching DARK KNIGHT tonight!!!! MWAHHAHAHAH!

Ogie, allow me to start my post.

There was an accident near my area yesterday. No I wasn't bz body, it's just one of those moments where I need something to blog about *giggles. Ogie maybe not. So, here's some shots I took. You guys need not to know where I shoot from. Hehe. It happened around 9:20am or earlier than that. Between a Satria Neo driver and a Nissan X-trail driver @_@

The first thing they did, got out of the car and argue. Typical. It was drizzling rain. I wonder why they even standing in the middle of the rain. @_@ Unexplainable human behavior.

Look at the damage.

The police came around 9:30am. Took photos and details and all of them left after that.

Who's at fault? You tell me XD

Everything else yesterday was like a blur. I can't really remember what I did *rofl. Or maybe I could only it's not important hehe. I asked my 2nd sis to accompany me to 1Borneo. I need to do some shopping. Ogie fine! I actually saw this top at MNG the other day and wanted to get it! But when I went there, no more!!! T_T noooooooooo. Instead, I bought myself a pair of pants hehe. YAY! But as usual, I need to cut it. It's so not cater for short people like me *cries.

Opps, but before that, on the way there, I actually saw this beautiful sunset. I couldn't stop telling my sis how beautiful it is till I had to stop by and take some photos there. So, I did. Let us enjoy the view.

zoom it zoom it

view from the left

view from the right

Had dinner at Kenny Rogers. Set meal cost rM17.90 (some of it goes to charity). Includes salad, rice (you can change it to 1 side dish), quarter chicken with gravy of your choice and muffin (of your choice).

We were there till 10pm (referring to 1Borneo). Guess where we went? 2nd floor, DAISO!!!! Japanese stuff. Everything is RM5 OMG! You can't imagine how hyper me and my sis was. Well we can't stop putting stuff into our basket XD But I end up buying 2 item hehe. Must resist temptation.


  1. Oh man, why do I never fail to see pictures of food over here ... LOL! The salad looks good though. Makes me feel like having Kenny Rogers over for dinner tonight ... hehehe ...

    And why do people have to argue right there and then when they have minor accidents? Why can't they just move the car to the side of the road and then beat each other up ... hehehe ...

  2. nick: heheheh it's gewd..i mean that meal was suppose to be my sis's coz I actually had dinner earlier..gawd the salad is nice..

    anyways, yeah i have no idea why ppl wanna argue in the middle of the road. and i actually tot the driver driving the satria neo is a dood, which i only found out after awhile that it's a girl. but sometimes it's amusing to see people standing in the middle of the road obstructing traffic in the rain @_@

  3. i love the sunset picts....then time sia siok2 scroll down smbl menghayati..tiba2 ada makanan..kwang3 hehehe anyway, anyhow..i love the sunset and the food mah..sepa nda suka kan??? xoxo

  4. the first pic of the sunset is the best!

  5. urang ranau: lol sorry 'bout blog inda sah bah if teda makanan XD kekekekekek lek ko sana

    perry: thank yew..dat happens to be my fav shot too XD

  6. aduh mcm sedap tu makanan oh.. and that sunset... trus teringat waktu tinggal di likas dulu.. selalu tinguk sunset.. isk isk isk.

    and the daiso.. well.. i blogged about it.. and i just love it.. will go there anytime when free. my wife also like it.. everything rm5 bahaya.. ndak sedar wallet kosong sudah..

  7. PapaJ: omg, macam ko tau itu di likas? i mean the sunset..uish! XD anyways, yes daiso is dangerous..i mean uber dangerous...especially to the wallet..coz the stuff is so nice...oh man..sometimes inda sedar ni...i'm so going there again hehe XD

  8. Hey, massy. Just to clear things up, yes, i am a stranger. Found your blog through Jasmine's.

    Just wanna say this: OMGEEEEE! What a super duper coincidence. I just cant believe it! The 'dude' who was caught in the accident is actually my friend! This is not a joke. She was late for class and had to find an empty parking space. That causes the accident.

    It happened around Gaya Street kan? Near my college. (:

  9. oh hey donna...OMG! small world indeed. yeah i actually heard the loud smash from my office. and everyone, i mean everyone who were down there were standing in the rain @_@ conpius sikit XD

    Eh so after the police report that I saw, finish sudah @_@ wuah sikijap jua tu police amik report

  10. haha. my friend ended up claiming her insurance.

    Maybe the cop was the lazy one de. I heard the cop write something in his 'notepad' and then took a picture of the incident. Very fast 'service'.

    I hope u dont mind, i copied your picture and download it to my phone. my friend was astonished. Haha.

  11. donna: wuah very "fast" indeed..anyways yeah sure, u can copy the photos XD well at least nobody got hurt in this accident coz it was a loud smash sound @_@

  12. yeahh.. I hate when people can't even move their car an inch and settle it by the roadside without making it inconvenient for other people. As if have to wait for CSI to come and investigate the untouched crime scene saja..

    BTW, seeing Kenny Rogers Roasters makes me miss it!! I can't remember the last time I had it. Miss the muffinssssssss!!

  13. shem: dun get me started on kenny rogers omg! @_@ *stomach growls