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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Digi Services Being Funny & Sasuka

Maxis still down. Can call in/out. But guess wut? Can sms. Weird.

Next, let us see some funny sms from Digi. *giggle.

1st sms

Oh ogie, lol, they just wanna make sure there's no rumors or wutever? Aight I get it.

2nd sms

Oh ogie, *rofl this is funny.

I finally got my numero shirt from penman. But I didn't get to see him. He passed the shirt to panja. T_T but pen pen, DS gathering T_T *cries.

I went to KAC, Wave Music Studio at the 1st floor to get Sasuka singles. Well since I didn't get any freebies during the concert. Kes inda puas ati XD I lurve the songs! Even though there's only 2 songs. I still think it's AWESOME!!! I think "Terbangkan Aku Ke Bulan" will be a hit song. This cd is selling at RM5. Looking forward for the album! YOSH!


  1. Kau Suka Sasuka? Sia pun macam Suka-suka Sasuka juga sudah sama-sama. Jadi Sama-sama suka lah kita sama tu Sasuka. Sia add as friends tu Sasuka Saaana MySpace sia. Teda tau kalau dia suka sia.

  2. kay: lol...oh that is funny. I mean your comment hahahaha..ahhh I'm on sasuka myspace sudah..yeah se pun suka sasuka hahahahaha XD Se rasa sasuka suka ko if ko suka sasuka hahahahah @_@

  3. Whatever it is... Digi rules! Me tatap pelanggan setia digi forever... haaha.

  4. *rofl arms...indeed u are

  5. I'm a maxis person! That day memang tension la.. nasib baik not full 24 hours for me. the next morning ok sudah, thank god!

  6. wahhh eh? my maxis 3 days down oh @_@