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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why do people complain?

Today's subject is: Why do people complain? More specifically, why does massy complains so much?

Simple answer would normally be, "coz I just do". Well it's not really that simple. You see, I actually had this whole complaining post written in my head few days ago. Well it happens if you tend to think a lot like me or maybe you're so dissatisfied with life that you just gotta let it out by complaining.

Lets try not to go to the day where I started complaining or it'll be a never ending story. Lets start with today. I think complaining is one of the things I tend to do in my everyday life. I don't know why I do it. I just do. I think it's in my blood to do so too. Now I'm not making sense. But lets get to the part where I should make sense, shall we?

I made an appointment yesterday to service my car at Perodua today 10am. I actually woke up kinda early but this is one habit I'm trying to change. It's the part where I will be sitting in front of the computer everytime I woke up. It's a bad habit. I know, it's a sickness! I really mean it! IT IS! I wasn't late but I was there on time. I think Perodua system is like "first come first serve" basis where eventhough you've already made an appointment to service your car, your car will always, I mean will always be the next car serviced after the long lines "without appointments" cars. SERIOUSLY! I'm not kidding. I came around 10am, waited and I think they only started to check my car around 11am. I think la. And the whole servicing thinggie only finishes around 12:30 noon. I think la. If I look at my watch correctly. Well since I was bz playing games on my DS while waiting for it. And I was seriously hungry.

So, today's servicing cost me around RM298.35. Which is kinda ghey! Coz I normally pay around RM100++ for servicing. Reason? Change the stuff that never changed before. Well the initial cost was RM241.00++ but since there's an additional that needed to be changed, which I really don't have a choice (well they make it sound like I don't have a choice), it added an extra RM40++ to the cost. GG! These cost includes labor charges, air filters, break pads, wiper, engine oil etc etc, can't remember specifically what but I have the bill. Gosh how I wish my dad gimme money now. *rofl.

Here's a thought out note for my dad...


Oh and for everyone else. Gimme moneh! I is wants moneh!!! $_$

I'm sorry, I'm not trying to sound desperate but my plan to get new GP2500 or maybe higher rechargeable batteries is sort of out of the question at this point. Geez, I was even thinking of getting some stuff and it's not even August yet. *sigh.

Wow at this point it's funny coz I seldom type this long. But I'm not done yet.

Anyways, I have taken some shots of those "money sucking" items as follows. Yes, anyone who owns a car will feel like this. Well so I think they would lah~

Oh and a shot of my legs *rofl

Ogie, 'nuff said from that part of the story. I got so hungry and it's lunch time. Well more like I went to the petrol station to fill em fuel. "fly away 50 and never come back T_T, I miss you dearly" *rofl. Sorry. I know, I don't really like to spend too much money at one time. I'll make me feel slightly depress. Back to lunch. Yeah, I called Amy and dori up for lunch at Poppea Garden Cafe at Citymall for that RM7.90 lunch set. I took some photos to make you guys drool too *giggles.

I was there till 2pm. This is one of the reasons why I took leave yeap.

I was planning to get some donuts but since I forked out the above mentioned $$ for car servicing, I canceled that plan. I was suppose to meet a friend up at CIMB bank, UMS around noon but instead I went there around 2pm-ish. Well, changing your address could be a hassle. I actually hated changing my address. Same goes to moving around. Yes people! I moved around too often that it gets on my nerves coz I have to change school/house/address all the time. *sigh.

Lets move on. I drove to UMS, well I got slightly lost coz I've never been to CIMB bank branch there. I think I called my friend more than 3 times for direction. Or was it less than that? I even parked at the wrong side of the building. But heck, it's worth the exercise. It's only few steps/stairs away. *giggles. But thanks to my friend for helping me out with that. Appreciate that. Oh yeah, it's the 1st time for me to use the cash deposit machine at CIMB. Yes, I'm such a newb. It's actually easy. The whole over thinking paranoia I had, that was the problem. I'm fine now. Let me try to do things once? or make that few times, I'll be fine. I think I was home around 4pm.

Geez I can't even remember. Anyways, I think I'm done for today, well maybe not, coz I got some stuff in my mind. But, before I end this post for today. I would like to remind everyone who haven't register themselves for Sabah Bloggers Gathering, please do so!!! Don't miss out on the fun!!!


Yeah, I'm anxious to meet everyone. That I've never meet before. Ogie, here's one thing I would wish to say to everyone and here goes...

Dear bloggers/everyone,

My deepest apologies if I didn't approach you to say Hi or talk to you at SBG, coz I tend to get paranoid around people I seldom talk to face to face and I tend to over think how to initiate a conversation with people I never talk in real life. Thank yew very much for your kind attention"

Mas Light

Seriously. I'm not kidding. I'm a very quiet person and I'm not a snob. I sort of have this split personality. I can't explain why. It's just the way I am.

Have fun reading now XD


  1. there's one chef at poppea quite leng zai *giggles*

  2. O.O woot?! where? how come I've never seen before de. *curious. Oh man..jna u're not gonna make me go there everyday to makan! XD rusak man..but I'm curious.. XD

  3. Waw I wanna see leng zai chef too!! XD wakaka

  4. irt: hahahahahahha omg hahahah XD we're falling to jna's trap! XD

  5. Oooh. Hot guys who can cook. Nice. :D

  6. Okay massy.. since you asked, I will go and give you a hug! LOL!

    I still remember the first time I met hanafi.. he was extremely shy too, but after a while (or maybe a long while) okay also bah.. ;)

  7. this point everyone except shemah is not paying attention to my post @_@

    XD shemahhhhhh~~~ kekekekek yes, he's sort of like me oso @_@ we're kinda the same..uh oh...he's going to SBG oso XD

  8. I'm not very good when it comes to starting a conversation with someone I'm not really close too either. I think if I attend that gathering pun, I'd just sit at a corner and duduk diam-diam. :P

  9. cin: that makes 2 of us @_@

  10. Don't worry, you're not the only one, I complain a lot too ... lol! I'm probably deserve the title Complain King or something ... hehehe ...

    And I'm really so shy that people tend to think I'm a snob most of the time ... hehehe ... So, you're not alone here!

  11. nick: XD omg! lol complain king...anyways...thank yew...

  12. tell me who never complain??I think no one right? so, cheer up! U R not alone and as for d shy thing, count me in :)

  13. jppmom: u're going to SBG? i'll cya there! XD

  14. the poppea dish u makan i pernah eat also. hitam kan the sauce. hahahaha. macam kuah hangus.

    Uh! Looking forward to SBG. There are lots of ppl i don't know but heck.. thats the whole point of a gathering kan.

    So dont shy shy cat. One nite only. XD

  15. fara: that's black pepper sauce XD

    fara i tag along with u XD kekekeke *giggles...*kasau~

  16. u shy meh??me lagi la shy..malu n pendiam worries la...i have been wanting to go this poppea garden, issit halal kah???SOS!

  17. amy c: yes i am XD i was very shy. well more like i was so shy last time that I dun meet ppl. hehehehe i started to be less secluded last year actually XD

    poppea garden...hmmm *thinks..i'm not sure but i think it is. XD i'll double check for u.. XD

  18. bah... macam mana lah ni semua orang sudah awal2 mengaku mau duduk diam2 di corner.. hahahaaha..

    Anyways, can't wait to see you guys there!!! :D

  19. XD se mo bertapuk blakang urang XD heheheheheh *giggles..

    I'm so excited!!! XD