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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tagged: Favorite photos


I was tagged by Vivien. I think this is a fun tag!

Check out the tags by Elfie and Jassy too. I love to see em photos XD

Now it's my turn. Here are my 10 most favorite photos (at random). I'll put up most recent photos of me though XD

This was taken this year. I like it coz I look funny. I try not to look too cute. The main idea is to look funny. REALLY! @_@

I know I know, too many camwhore shots. "I LOVE BLUE!!!!" I notice that my hair looks better when it's messy XD


camwhoring is not easy ah. Most of the time I look fugly @_@ Well most of the shots are fugly @_@ I think.


13th October 2007, my visit to Tawau (wait, that was last year?!). I don't have much shot with my grandpa and I don't get to see him that often too. I hope to go visit him again X)

YATTA!!!! When I was at Borneo Golf & Beach Resort Bongawan last 26th - 28th December 2007.


Panja's surprise birthday party last March. Actually I love all the group photos. Hehe.


In February 2004, the 2 weeks trip to Perth with mum. I visit some of my relatives there. It's one of those time where you met everyone for the first time.


9th November 2001, Sitm Verismo Night. Coz I dressed up. *lol. @_@

Don't remember specifically when this was, but it's one of those time when webcam are famous *rofl.


Me & Dizzy chan. I don't hug people. This one of a shot that I do *giggles. And just that.

And I'm done! *giggles

I don't know who to tag now *thinks.


  1. aww youre such a cutie.

    lol i hug people all the time!

  2. fie: i wish i could hug ppl all the time..but i'm awkward..hugging is awkward @_@

  3. Peace baby..

    #1 picture was great. I felt the warmth too.

    *honestly, I don't too. Only to my mom and my dad. Not even my sister or bro. LOL* Malu nyer!

  4. *giggle..thanks christy...XD i think we need hug therapy *lols

  5. Sakuya2:03 AM

    I wan hug massy chan~ TAT *sobsob*

  6. sakuya worries bah...u can owez hug me XD

  7. punya cute tu first pic! hehehe.. when i meet you at the bloggers gathering nanti, i'll hug you berabis!! biar ko sana awkward!! hahaha!

  8. syura: XD omg~ kekekekekek bulih bah kalau ko! XD kekekeke...anyways @_@ 1st shot should actually make me look silly @_@