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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Destressing with Fruit Juice

Before I start writing about what I really should, I would before that, seek answer for this.

Is this another branch for Tune.hotel, or RED is the new color? I'm just curious that's all.

It's gloomy today here in Kota Kinabalu (*weather forecasting).

I was so stressed out yesterday that I couldn't even blog hop. *sigh. It was bad, it's like reading nothing. So instead of reading anything or chat with everyone or browsing through the forums. I bore myself with some games at No I'm not promoting that site, I just don't have the mood to do anything really.

A last minute plan by Panja. We (dori, me, panja, dizzy and jack) went to Tg. Aru for some Fruit Juice around 7pm (Sabah time would make that 7:30pm roughly). I thought I was late but I reach there before 7:30pm. I ordered a Large Watermelon Juice. *slurps~ tasty~ Everyone of us had a large glass of fruit juice. Each of these fruit juice cost RM4. Regular RM3. Trust me, get the large glass! It's worth it! Oh yeah and if it's ice blended? I think it cost more. RM5 maybe? Come to think of it. I didn't take any photos of the glass. But I took some shots of us. Hehe.

this shot is to show how thick the avacado drink is

dizzy chan and me X3 and that unfinish avocado is not mine XP

notice the tissue on dori's shoulder. it's panja's doing *rofl XD

We were there for less than 2 hours. I'm stuffed. The next time I'm gonna have fruit juice, I'll make sure I don't eat dinner. It's like a meal! I wanna try the ice blended dragonfruit juice. I was holding my bladder all the way back home *rofl. But I had fun. It was a great way to destress. Fruit juice makes you go slightly looney. Well or maybe it's just me. Well I got nice people as my companion. That's why XD

Oh yeah btw, I was gonna blog about having dinner at Eddie's D'Corner, Lintas the other day but didn't have the mood to. I think I posted the photos before, here. This time I get to eat it. Mint sauce *slurps~ Oooo next time I wanna eat chicken chop. I rike em chickens.


  1. The ice cubes were heavier than the juice.

  2. *rofl yeah it was @_@ for those thick juice

  3. avocado juice is nice! next time if cannot finish, ask to tapau...then can drink later!

  4. my gosh.... avocado juice~~~~ *slurp* fattening-ly sinful. Yummmmmy~~~~

  5. perry: i'll stick to watermelon XD

    fara: *nods's fattening indeed *nods nods