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Friday, May 11, 2007

Lack of Sleep Affects The Eyes

Yes ppl! Well not only lack of sleep but also too much looking at the monitor screen. Ouch, my eye. Actually it's been affecting me since last nite, only it wasn't as bad as now. I know! My eyes are tired and I need to rest and close my eyes. Gawd, this pain is giving me a headache. U know like when u're eyes are so painful that it affects everything around, like the cheek and head. Especially the head. Yes, I am affected terribly now. Enduring a lot of pain. Omg ouch~

For my sis's new bf to be around the house so often is getting me. I'm a bit annoyed. So is everyone else in the house. I dun get to watch tv anymore. I spend most of my time in my room. Yes, I'm anti-social and I never like the kind of ppl she's around with. But, well, it's her choice and I dun really give a shit about it unless if it really gets on my nerves. In this case, well yes! I'm annoyed. Gahhhhh.

Enduring pain. Pain pain go away T_T


  1. Hmmm.. I'm guessing you're having some heavy panda eyes now? LOL.

    Try to sleep more la. :D

  2. XD hard to sleep when i can't stop from mapuring XD