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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lunch Outing at Sundeli

Today, had lunch with Amy at Sundeli. Located at Gaya Street, juz opposite of Pizza Hut. I think it's ogie.

Again, I would wanna apologize coz I didn't bring my camera this time too. Amy brought her camera T_T. I'm using my trusty SE W810i camera phone *tsk~

notice the sunlight? T_T

i'm sorry, wut's wrong with this picture? mix culture?

Some interior shots XD

are these real bread?

some cakes available for cake lovers?

We had Chicken Puttanesca (this reminds me of Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events, Violet and Claus were making em for Count Olaf *cough cough XD) and Shepard's Pie? or izzit Shepard Pie? Talking about Shepard, McDreamy *cough from Grey's Anatomy XD Ogie, *scratch dat part XD

Chicken Puttanesca. The spaghetti is nice. The chicken er, was a bit hard and erm slightly overcooked. This prolly cost around RM10 or RM12. Again, no remember. XD

Shepard's Pie / Shepard Pie XD this cost er...RM8 ka? RM10 ka? I dunno, I forgot man sorry

ice peach tea? peach ice tea? ogie either one. cost RM5. they use real peach btw. XD

taking a shot of the fewd is a MUST!

With, hotel like washroom. Well, almost...

Food was ok. Service was great XD *thumbs up


  1. berminyak minyak muka sya! >.<

  2. lol XD

    opps sinaran matahari ba tu XD