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Monday, May 21, 2007

Looks Can Be Deceiving *cough

Listening to: Ingrid Michaelson - The Way I Am

I went to BIMP-EAGA Business Portal Technical Workshop today at Hyatt. It started from 9am to noon and yes, we'll have lunch there too. Had mee hoon and chicken boxing. Those chicken are tasty! Seriously.

Anyways, back to the workshop. Lucky I was early, I met up with my brother and his colleague. No idea if my colleague would join us or not. He actually came later *cough. I walk from office and damn it's so HOT! T_T walking is painful at this point.

Here's the temporary site? I think for this Business Portal. Check it out, here.

We did a hands on registration there too.

Btw, I got to know somebody from Department of Industrial Development and Research (DIDR). Her name is Netty. I hope I spell her name correctly. XD

Anyways, she was saying that I look so chinese and she couldn't tell that I was malay. *cough. I'm mix *cough again. This owez happen. Coz I look so so chinese XD

And I got a tendency to speak more english and mandarin more than malay *cough.

Yes, somehow I notice I use a lot of anyways dun I? Sorry 'bout dat XD

And yes, I was about to say anyways again. This bring us back to when I was in secondary school, form 4 and 5 like dat, they got this so called rules about muslim wearing? putting on? tudung? *cough I'm one of those slightly stubborn type coz I dun like putting it on. My excuse would be, being total deaf *cough. Yes, I seriously can't hear anything if my ears were covered by cloth *cough. Trust me. Been there, done that.

So, on this one occasion where all of the students who didn't put em on had to stay back after assembly, yes, I was one of em and I was a prefect *cough.

One of the girls was like asking me.

Girl: "Did you juz converted to Muslim?"
Me: "O.O er no? I happen to be Muslim"
Girl: "Coz you look chinese"
Me: "Dat's coz I'm mix chinese"
Girl: "Wuah so easy can tipu (trick) ppl"

-_-" adei.

And yes, the girl I met earlier at the workshop also thought I was chinese. Keep on repeating that. Like it's something new *cough. ^^"

Not only that, ppl won't think I'm malay/muslim from my name too ^^" hehe. Mastura <--- this name not malay enuff ka? ^^"

I rest my case.



  1. Hmmmm.... actually, before I got to know you better through regularly dropping by your blog, I thought you're a Chinese too. As in PURE Chinese, haha!

    But I do know now that you're mix, and because you're fair, you look more Chinese than Malay. I have a lot of friends who are often mistaken for other races than their own, but I guess that adds some interesting things to talk about in conversations, haha!

    And yes, I agree. Looks are deceiving. Period.

  2. huiwen hahahaha yeap....true true...the most funny part is when someone repeats "i thought u're chinese" few times *cough hahahahahaha

  3. Hehehe, I remember back in my school days, I have a friend who's of a Malay + Iban parentage, but she look like a total Chinese. When the rules of Muslim students having to wear tudung, she refused because she didn't like it.

    When she was caught for not waring one, she told the ustaz that she is a newly converted Muslim.. LOL!

  4. cin: wahhahahahahahah..rusak XD newly converted lagi tu hahahahah so funny..i should've done dat..but i didn't...even my ustaz ask me to put em on..and i was like "i tot there's no forcing ppl in islam" *cough terdiam terus tu ustaz hahahahah XD mas is bad...very bad

  5. aiks were almost the same bah hehe :P

  6. adz wakkakaa...kita tipu tipu urang? XD muka cina XD

  7. haha ya bah XD

  8. weeeeeeeeeeee... XD ohohoho this is fun..super fun XD

  9. I'm part Dusun (father) and part Melayu Brunei (mother), yet all my siblings including myself tend to be mistaken for a Chinese, probably the facial features inherited from my father.

    I still remember my trip to China last year, where salesperson in shops would try to casually talk to me and my dad in Mandarin, assuming we're Chinese and understood the language.