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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Life Progress

Back to work. The first thing I did when I reach office is to find web hosting and domain name infos. Again! Yes, we got a problem. Our company website is *cough GONE! This is coz we "tumpang" other company's webspace *cough.

So now, I'll be browsing again to look up for infos of web hosting prices. *cough. Actually I did this years back when I first started but nooo~~~ they rather "tumpang". *ptui~. See wut happen!? Owez never listen one these ppl *pfttt~

Anyways, other than doing that, I was checking on everyone's blog. Yes I finally got time. I mean at work. I haven't even had breakfast yet. I'm hungry. I should eat. Hmm..


  1. Eat eat! Did you take pictures of what you ate? =D

  2. Welcome back to work! :P

    Now I'll be expecting more photos of food, ar? xD

  3. XD hehehhehe...acom...opps i forgot oh.. XD

    cin: hehehhe..the new japanese restaurant is open...usagi weeeeeee gonna go there and eat XD soon!