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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Life Progress

Don't you juz hate black outs? Yes, KK still have those problem every now and then. Thank gawd for UPS (Uninterruptable Power System) in this case. Though after awhile, it'll eventually die till the next charging. Hmm. I was walking around the house to find something to do. Guess wut I did. I bug my 2nd sis and we start talking crap hahahahaha, till we get he power back to normal obviously. I think it was around 9pm? Or maybe before 9? I have no idea.

I took lotsa maple screenshots last nite. I'll upload it once I get home. I'm a lvl 32 Ice/Lightning Wizard and we got a guild! Who play maple at Cass, come join our CSPartans guild! XD

And yes, was crazy leveling coz I played till nearly 3am. Meaning I only get less than 4 hours sleep. I'm not that sleepy but I'm tired. Gahh~ I could continue play at work again. Yes, I'm a freaking zombie and nobody can stop me. MWAHAHAHHA! Ogie, I'll reach the level of hyperness soon. Like some, who dun get enuff sleep would be cranky/lazy/tired? Er not me. I get hyper! I talk so much and I get lotsa ideas when I'm hyper. Too much blood pump to the brain huh?

Btw, juz finish dlding ep 22 and waiting for ep 23 of Grey's Anatomy. Will watch it when I get back. And heroes! Not forgetting heroes! I'll have to dl that. Btw, I was watching Prison Break the other day. Damn! I know I'm a bit slow and I only get to watch it recently. I find myself watching and enjoying it. Wooo~ great! XD


  1. Yer.. KK is famous for the power interruption, despite the KK City name. LOL!

    Eh, I haven't watch Prison Break, saw it once or twice on TV but I didn't like it. Maybe when I'm really, extremely bored and running out of series to watch, I'll go get the DVD. :D

    Eh, the future Hiro in Heroes bah, macam geli aku tengok him with janggut and all. Can speak English properly lagi tu. LOL!

  2. yeah i dun like future hiro..and future peter too..bidak!!!! eeeeeeeeee i want their current look..XD

    kakakakakkka...and hiro look so manly hahahahah

  3. Anonymous10:32 PM

    brownout still happening in KK? incredible .. in this day and age!! hope there's a good explanation for it!!

  4. Yeah, new Peter with the scar on his face. Eeeeeee... bida!!

  5. anonymous yeap..still happen...imagine around my neighbourhood, blackout, then the new apartment got electricity..i think they said something about old ports or something like dat...gahhh i haf no idea...

  6. Anonymous10:21 PM

    you pay property and income taxes don't you? then they should improve the infrastructures for EVERYONE!

    Go girl .. give 'em hell for dishing out that kinda crap!!

  7. Taxes are one of the ways where the government earns revenue. It's not only for societal welfare, haha!

    I guess one does get addicted to advance to do next level in the game of MapleStory. My youngest brother is a good example...

  8. anonymous: lemme see..improvements...hmm..some roads are crappy, but i think some part they fixed the holes? street lights sometimes not working...buses still rule most part of the road..

    still got illegal immigrants around..hmm

    i wonder...SESB improving? nope...

    huiwen: omg, yeah, i started on new character... XD more fun! than using page macam mo gila hitting..ur bro play where? i mean which server?