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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Fewd and 1st CSP Movie Outing

Grocery Day - Saturday (26th May 2007)

My bro drove us to Giant Kolombong for brunch. Yes, today is grocery day! XD Need to get some junk fewd.

We had, Dim Sum! Cost RM9.20. Oh, the fewd at Giant Fewd Court are nice! XD *thumbs~

yes another fish ball noodle for me XD

bro had fried mee. I think this cost RM4
mum had fried mee hoon. RM4 osored bean porridge. i seriously thought this was my sis's. no wonder my dad keep asking whether i'm done taking photo of it or not ^^; my bad. sollie dad XDmum bought ABC

sea coconut? for my 2nd sis

Juz found out there's a LaundryMart at Kolombong. They said it's next to Courts Mammoth. Yeah rite! It's opposite! And it's not totally facing Courts Mammoth but it's erm next to another place which is opposite Courts Mammoth! dui~ And ppl, yes, this is the head office, but u can send ur laundry here too.
Took this in my bro's car. Yes, his car got this cute kitty! XD But the bell is seriously annoying XD
Sunday (27th May 2007)

This is our 1st CSP outing. Thanks to kanariya for getting our tix. There's 8 of us who went to watch Pirates of the Carribean: The World's End.

Location: Cathay
Show Time: 1pm

I went with my 2nd sis and we were the earliest there. 1 hour early hehe. I reach there before 12 noon. ^^; my bad. Scared no parking. It's a less than 3 hour movie. Definately less comedy. Well but got parts where u can laff XD

Here are some shots after the movie. Oily face omg! Should have taken it earlier, when everyone face is less oily? I think? O.o? Can't wait for the next CSP outing! Today was fun! They went yamchar after that. Sollie, me and my sis went to Centre Point for fewd XD

Yeap, went to Japanese Dream Fewd XD
cold half boiled egg
hanami bento set RM22
my sis with her teppanyaki set *cough with garlic rice. RM22. if your set is white rice and u wanted to switch to garlic rice, add RM1.50 XD


  1. woah... happening weekend!!!
    u knw wat????? Mey fren GOT me 2 FREE TICKETS to watch Pirates of the Caribbean III BUT it was for last sunday. The SAME day u guys went for the movie outing... adeii~~~~ i miss out the tickets liao... so chammmm...

    from the pics everybody seems cheerful that day.. must be the movie is super nice to watchhhh...

  2. Wah, I haven't makan anything since I woke up ni. Now I think I have to get dressed and go out to hunt for food. LOL!

    I feel like eating Japanese food! ><

  3. amy: tix lagi tu...tix was rm9 man ^^;

    erm, lotsa fun muka berminyak ni hahahahaha *lol

    cin: yeap yeap..i want to eat again oh..omg..pokai la gini XD

  4. Errr...that dim sum halal wan anot ar?? Scratch head.

  5. aceone..dim sum halal one XD