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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Life Progress

I slept at around 3am this morning after leveling up in Maple obviously with 3 of the forumers and my brother. So there's 5 of us. I'm a lvl 28 mage now. And I'll change to 2nd job when I reach 30. I planned to be an Ice / Lightning Wizard ^_^

Woke up at around 8am today coz need to meet my fren, Farah near Yoyo Cafe, Lintas to hand over kittens for adoption to 3 or I should say 4 different people. Thank yew for adopting them. I would adopt them if I could. But I got too many to take care of already. And yes, I'm not greedy! XD It's my 2nd time meeting Hayumi (from CSP forum) and her sister swoosh. I'm attracted with the box cap. I want box cap! The one selling in dA is expensive. Cost like RM60++? O.O

Anyways, I met with Leonardo (from CSP forum) too and his fren Pheona. I'm so happy kitty found new home XD

After handing over 4 kittens for adoption, at around nearly 12 noon, we (me and Farah) went to Yoyo to get drinks. I bought 2 Jasmine Tea for myself XD Yes, I'm greedy! In this case.

That's my mission for the day. Came back home and took some shots of the Yoyo drink and mimis.
I went out for awhile to look for insects but only found a grasshopper and it was about to rain. So, not so lucky today.

Since I feel like taking a break from mapling today. I decided to watch "Night at the Museum" staring Ben Stiller. Oh and Robbie Williams is there too. I know I'm a bit late in watching this movie but it's super fun! I watched it with my sis. I think we were laffing too loud till my mum had to check us up. To see wut happen to us obviously? *lol. Who knows we need a visit to the asylum?

After this movie, we watched Ep 20 of Heroes! OMG! I can't wait till next episode! XD OMG OMG OMG! I won't tell u wut happen coz u'll need to watch it urself XD

Oh btw, did anyone watched Spiderman 3 yet? I sure haven't. But I'm getting a lot of bad reviews from friends. Hmmm. Well, I'm not so into action movie, so yeah it doesn't affect me hehe XD

Watched American Idol. Bon Jovi theme. Blake is back with his beatboxing thinggie. Oh Lakisha's clothing is erm total weirdness for me. Melinda is so funny.

Pretty much about today. Start working tomorrow! XD

Oh and yes, now I'm listening to Blonde Redhead. The song titled Silently is my fav currently. But I still couldn't resist listening to Rufus Wainwright's Tiergarten XD

Some of my latest macro photos.

And I'm sorry for not blogging. I juz dun have much thing to talk about. Even if I got things to blog about it'll be one of those boring weird post. Anyways, I'll be doing a 100 photo challenge to polish my photography skills *cough. Thanks to acom and CrustyMuffin for this. And whoever interested in monitoring or participating can check at my journal entry, here.


  1. Hmmmm.... the 100 photo challenge sounds fun, but what are the terms and conditions? Maybe I should put myself into the challenge to see how well/terrible I fare, haha!

    And good macro shots! I think I've seen those bugs before...

  2. New project new project! This means I need to get my extra batteries soon!

  3. huiwen: u can check the rules from my journal in dA XD it's fun! XD

    acom: uhuh uhuh...i got extra batt oledi...only thing i haf to think wut to shoot XD